The Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) and the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD), through our national network allies and colleagues, are leading a global week of action against the extrajudicial killings of people who use drugs in the Philippines. The global week of action will take place in the week beginning October 10th 2016. The week will focus actions at embassies and consulates of the Philippines around the world. You are encouraged to take the lead in identifying an appropriate date in the week for a peaceful demonstration at embassies and consulates.

ASEAN Ministers must move urgently to protect the right to life in new drug strategy

Bangkok, Thailand (18th October, 2016) – As ASEAN Ministers meet in Singapore this week at the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters to agree a new regional 10-year plan on drugs, civil society groups highlight the urgent need for governments to promote and protect the right to life.

Joint Submission: CESCR Periodic Review the Philippines

In this submission, the HRDP, ANPUD and INPUD map out key tensions between the Philippine’s current national drug strategy, including the widespread extrajudicial killings of people suspected of using and dealing drugs and the full and effective realisation of economic, social and cultural rights.

NEPAL PRESS RELEASE: Demonstration to stop Filipino slaughter

On August 5, 2016, Nepalese community of people who use drugs demonstrated a peaceful protest and urgently requested that the Government of Philippines and his Excellency President Duterte call an immediate halt to the extrajudicial killing of people, and entreat instead to set science-based standards for a healthy, productive, and prosperous Philippines. Please read their press release and the petition they submitted to President Duterte via the Consulate Office of the Philippines in Kathmandu, Nepal.


The Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) has grave concerns based on the updated 2016 guidelines and recommends the actions that governments in Asia need to prioritize. Please read the full press release and share it with all the relevant stakeholders.

PHILIPPINES: An Entreaty to End the Killing, to End the Poverty and Exclusion

INPUD (the International Network of People who Use Drugs) and ANPUD (the Asian Network of People who Use Drugs) urgently request a halt be called on the killing of people who use drugs in the Philippines. We implore Your Excellency President Duterte to reconsider the current approach of executing people who use drugs in favour of internationally accepted, evidence-based alternatives.

Protest Against process of National Guideline of Hepatitis Treatment in Nepal

Recovering Nepal, National network of Drug Users and Drug led organizations (RN), conducted Protest against program of disseminating “Hepatitis Treatment Guideline for Nepal”. Protest against Technical Team, in-front health Minister to ensure inclusion of drug user’s community and key technical activist of civil society in Nepal.
Protest was a success: Technical team conceptually agreed to revisit the process and minister also reinforced to address the voices of Civil Society.

Ending AIDS in 2030: Do not leave ASIA-PACIFIC Behind

The high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS, to be held in June 2016 by the General Assembly is a pivotal occasion to rally global commitment to the fast-track targets and core actions for ending AIDS by 2030, as outlined in the UNAIDS 2016-2021 Strategy, “On the Fast-Track to end AIDS”.
Civil society networks and their member organizations across the Asia and the Pacific region has come up with this Asia-Pacific civil society position statement entitled ‘Ending AIDS in 2030: Do not Leave ASIA-PACIFIC Behind’ as an integrated and unified voices representing all the key populations most vulnerable and affected by HIV/AIDS. In order to turn the wheel of High Level Meeting and make it a historic event, our region has developed key advocacy messages also termed as ‘Asks to the member states at this UN High Level Meeting on Ending AIDS’.