Urine Luck Review

You can’t always rely on detox products if you need to pass an unannounced substance screening, especially if your job is on the line. For this reason, many tobacco users rely on urine testing additives to pass a nicotine drug test.

One such formula is made by Spectrum Labs, a leading producer of synthetic urine products. Let’s find out if it can improve your luck in this Urine Luck review.

What is Urine Luck additive?

Urine Luck is a chemical solution added to your pee before transferring it into a test cup to destroy toxin metabolites and thus, make your sample clean for urinalysis. According to Spectrum Labs, the latest version of Urine Luck has a 90%+ success rate which is one of the highest for this kind of product.

However, there is still a margin of error that you must keep in mind. For this reason, it’s still best to follow an effective detox strategy consisting of abstinence, hydration, and cleansing with detox products.

Urine Luck is only effective for GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) substance screenings. It will not work for instant drug tests, which could be an issue. 

Spectrum Labs Urine Luck review

UrineLuck is made by Spectrum Labs, the manufacturer of Quick Fix fake pee. It has gathered many positive reviews because of its effectiveness and ease of use. It is different from detox drinks as it masks drugs and toxin metabolites from being detected. It is also not synthetic urine as it is added to your real pee.


UrineLuck has a more simple packaging compared to fake pee kits. It only contains two vials: the powder itself and a mixing bottle. There are no temperature strips or heating pads.


The powder is composed of 200 mmol/L Pyridium chlorochromates (PPC). This chemical can reduce the response rates of urinalysis tests for THC, nicotine, and morphine. However, PPC is ineffective for masking amphetamines, methamphetamines, or benzoylecgonine.


Urine Luck may be the easiest to use of all the methods to pass a drug test. You only need to add it to your pee and wait for a few minutes. According to UrineLuck reviews online, the longer it stays in contact with toxins, the more effective it becomes.


Medical Laboratory Observer cited Urine Luck in 2003 for its use as an adulterant in lab tests. According to this study, said Spectrum Labs’ product can successfully mask the presence of illegal drugs. Also, researchers noted that compounds of Urine Luck were undetected by routine specimen integrity tests.

However, nowadays, some labs may test PPC content in the sample. In addition, Urine Luck only works for GC/MS drug tests. For an instant or DoT drug test, you must check out other solutions like Clear Choice Spike or Quick Fix.

How to use Urine Luck detoxifying agent

UrineLuck is easy to use and works for males and females. Follow these steps to use the product.

  1. Pour your pee into the empty bottle included in the packaging.
  2. Prepare detoxifying agent vial by removing the cap.
  3. Add the adulterant to the mixing bottle and cover it.
  4. Slowly shake the vial to allow chemicals to mix with your pee. Remember, the longer the adulterant mixes with your piss, the more toxins it will destroy.
  5. After a few minutes, you are ready to submit your sample to the technician.

Your sample will remain the same color and temperature; therefore, the technician won’t see any difference from a genuine specimen. 

Does Urine Luck work for drug test?

Spectrum Labs developed Urine Luck for weed and tobacco smokers. It is made of PPC, a chemical known to mask THC and cotinine, and thus works for passing weed drug tests but not for other illicit drugs like amphetamines and methamphetamines. To ensure the maximum success rate, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided by Spectrum Labs.

Although the directions are simple, some people still make mistakes, especially when thinking this is fake urine. Also, some testing labs can check for PPC presence, which significantly reduces your chances of passing a drug test.


Urine Luck is available online through the official retailer. However, you may want to check out the following alternatives first.

Spike Additive

Spike from Clear Choice is the smallest, most discreet, and most potent urine additive designed to pass a drug test. Makers of Spike say that this product resulted from intensive research, so it’s effective and undetectable.

Spike is colorless, odorless, and discreet, leaving no traces in your pee. It works for all toxins, not just for THC. It is very effective for drug tests that use the enzyme-multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT).

The beauty of using Spike is that it’s easy to use. First, you need to pour it into your sample cup, then wait and submit it to the lab. One box of Spike can last for two uses. It comes in a small 1.5ml micro vial, so it’s straightforward to hide in your pocket.

According to its manufacturer, Spike acts fast. It can quickly remove toxins in your pee on contact. Spike works for both light and heavy smokers. Light users pour the contents of one vial, while heavy users should use two vials. If your sample is more than 120 ml, you also need to use two vials.

Quick Fix vs Urine Luck

Quick Fix is a fake piss you can use to substitute your real pee and pass a drug test. With Quick Fix, you don’t need to abstain or detox before your drug screening. Instead, you will submit a fake sample that looks, feels, and smells like the real thing.

QuickFix has all the components of natural pee, including specific gravity and pH. Upon inspection, your submitted sample will look the same as actual piss. It smells like genuine pee because of urea and uric acid content.

When using Quick Fix, you should carefully follow the instructions to avoid detection. Quick Fix comes pre-mixed, so there’s no need to mix or add anything. All you have to do is heat it gently using your body temperature.

Once fake pee has attained the right temperature, you’re ready to submit it to the technician. Quick Fix works regardless if you take toxins lightly or heavily. Also, if you take other illicit drugs aside from THC, Quick Fix offers a safer and more effective solution.


Urine Luck is a urine additive that removes toxins to help you pass a drug test. However, there are some restrictions and disadvantages to using it due to labs’ ability to detect PPC. We recommend using Spike from Clear Choice or Quick Fix instead.

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