Jazz Total Detox Review

It’s often hard to determine which detox products are genuinely effective and which ones are just a waste of money. One example of the latter is Jazz Total Detox. In this short but concise Jazz detox drink review, we’ll find out how it works (or if it doesn’t, for that matter).

What is Jazz Total Detox drink?

Jazz detox drink is made by a company known for cheap detox supplements, mouthwashes, and shampoos. Total detox is a liquid concentrate that claims to affect different body systems responsible for removing drug toxins.

The company says that its detox beverage is not a masking agent or a dietary supplement. Instead, it is a detox cleanser drink that can help get rid of drug toxins more effectively than other formulas.

Supposedly, Jazz can cleanse your system in an hour and is beneficial not just for urine drug tests. It promises to help you detoxify from drugs for a blood test and mouth swab test by removing toxins from sweat, saliva, tears, liver, lymphatic system, and digestive system.

Jazz Total Detox 16oz review

Jazz Total Detox drink is a 16-ounce liquid cleanser that can help you get clean quickly. In particular, it can flush Cannabis Sativa and other drugs from your system, so urinalysis lab tests do not detect them.

Jazz is made without herbal ingredients. Instead, it contains B2 and creatine that helps improve the quality and appearance of your urine sample.

This liquid detox claims to reach maximum detoxification in 3 to 4 hours after use. You will know that the cleanse works when you urinate 3 to 4 times. The problem with Jazz is that it is not a sure-fire thing for passing probation lab tests.

If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you’ll need at least two 10-ounce bottles to cleanse toxins. And if you are a heavy weed smoker, it will not be effective for urinalysis laboratory tests.

Jazz detox instructions for drug test

To use Jazz, you must drink all its contents in one go. You will urinate a few times after taking this detox and several glasses of water afterward.

These instructions are too vague for most customers as it does not state how much water to consume. In addition, the instructions did not mention the exact time to expect the “safe zone” from Cannabis Sativa and other substances.

This cleanser also has small printed instructions on the label. Unfortunately, these directions are tough to read; you need a magnifying glass to do this. And having tiny printed instructions is not suitable for detox products, especially if you need to follow some steps to achieve total cleansing closely.

Does Jazz Total Detox work?

Many reviews agree that this product has enormous claims but failed to deliver expected results. First of all, its creators say that this Jazz is a natural cleansing product rather than a masking supplement.

But if you look at its ingredients list, you’ll find that most of these vitamins and minerals are used to promote the natural appearance of urine. Therefore, it is not true that Jazz is mainly a cleansing supplement. Instead, it is a urine masking product, as evidenced by its components. 


Because of its negative reviews, we don’t recommend Jazz. We advise those who wish to pass a lab or home test to use the following alternatives instead: 

Mega Clean

One of the best alternatives to Jazz Total Detox drink is Mega Clean from Detoxify. This 100% natural detox product can remove toxins effectively without annoying side effects.

Mega Clean comes in a 32-ounce bottle for same-day cleansing. It is effective for all users, including those with high toxin levels. Mega Clean starts working within one hour, meaning you can use it for unannounced drug tests.

When it comes to consuming Mega Clean, you only need to remember three steps: drink the entire bottle of Mega Clean, and after 15 minutes, refill the bottle with water and drink again. To achieve the best effects, you can use the product with the Precleanse Supplement.

Finally, Mega Clean can effectively flush out toxins and, at the same time, provide needed vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is safe to use not just for toxin removal before a drug test but also for regular body cleansing.

Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse is another alternative to Jazz. It is a cleansing drink with Maximum Strength formula, effective for people who weigh 200 pounds or more and for people with high toxicity levels.

Rescue Cleanse is widely known for its five-hour detoxification window. Once you take Rescue Cleanse, you’ll have five hours to take a drug test. You will also love its delicious cranberry-apple flavor, making this detox tasty at cold and room temperatures.

In contrast to other marijuana cleansing drinks, Rescue Cleanse recommends that you abstain from all kinds of food and beverages, even water, for at least 4 hours before taking the product. It would help if you also abstained from toxins at least a few days before your scheduled urine test.


Jazz Detox has not met our standards as a good cleanser.

First, its claims are over the top, saying that it can detoxify all body systems. It says that it does this naturally, and it’s not a urine masking agent. Considering its ingredients, this is debunked; almost all its components are connected to urine masking.

Secondly, Jazz has unclear instructions printed in tiny letters on its label. If your drug test results depend on following the steps clearly, you’ll likely fail using this product.

Finally, it didn’t pass our home urine drug test routine. That’s a blatant failure.

We do not recommend Jazz Detox. Instead, we urge you to look elsewhere, whether you want to pass a drug test or naturally detoxify your body.  

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