How to Pass a Drug Test

A lot of people want to learn the tricks, if there are any, of passing a drug test. However, because of the numerous inputs that you see on the web, you might find it mind-boggling to see various information narrating myths, quick fixes, and poor recommendations from strangers.

If you have an upcoming schedule for drug testing, you will be asked to submit a sample of your urine to a particular medical laboratory. Blood tests and hair tests can also be done. Although drug abuse is never a good thing and tampering with your samples during urine tests, saliva tests, or blood tests is not recommended, certain methods can be used to get rid of drug and other toxins from the system.

So, what does it take for you to pass a drug test?

If you want to learn the ways on how to pass a drug test, you have to understand the process of drug tests as well as how detoxing works so you can find the best alternatives.

Best products to pass a drug test

If you are a marijuana user and you want to learn the effective ways on how to pass a drug test, then you should familiarize yourself with the different helpful products. You can find several products in the market that can help you pass drug testing. All you have to do is to check the available options and determine their reliability.

Some of the products that are commonly used by people to pass their tests are the following.

Detox kits (Toxin Rid)

Detox kits are effective methods that you can use to pass drug testing. These kits are commonly 5 to 10-day programs comprising of detox medications, dietary fibers, and beverages. These are essential components that contribute to the intensified elimination of THC to the body. Detox kits are the only credible way of quickly detoxifying THC and they can give you confidence in undergoing the test.

An ideal detox kit product can guarantee that THC is not seen in the urine drug tests while keeping the indicators intact.

One of the popular detox kits that you can try is the Toxin Rid. The reason why a lot of people are using Toxic Rid for a drug test is that it can actually heighten the expulsion of THC. This product is comprised of a trio formula consisting of pre-rid pills, dietary fiber, and detox liquid.

This formulation can stimulate your metabolism. It only means that there will be more amount of drugs and toxins eliminated within a short period.

The pre-rid pills are essential components. They work by improving the defecation that could trigger you to visit the toilet often and may even develop diarrhea. But in the end, you will see that your frequent defecating is worth occurring. You can really tell that the pre-rid pills are working well.

The detox liquid is consumed right on the day of the drug testing to temper the urine. Likely, the dietary fiber is consumed an hour before the test to get rid of the remaining THC content in cannabis that is still traceable in the urine.

Furthermore, the actual perks of using Toxic Rid is the multiple channel elimination. It means that THC in cannabis can be eliminated through different channels, including feces, sweating, or urine.

Given that you smoke marijuana heavily and the strain contains high THC, it will normally take several weeks to instinctively detox. The Toxin Rid can make you clean up 50 percent faster, which could mean that you can achieve your goal to clean up in a matter of one week. This is incredible to know since you can finally go to the testing center without worrying about getting a failing result.

Toxic Rid comes in different lengths, ranging from 1 to 10 days. However, those who have plenty of drug metabolites in their system may find it more effective to use the 5-day and above course.

There are lots of detox kits that you can find in the market today. However, many of them will only intensify urination. With Toxic Rid, feces production is taken into consideration. Thus, elimination is seen to be the most essential part of detoxifying THC in cannabis. When you use Toxic Rid, the eradication of THC is mainly done through feces and the secondary channel is through urine.

You can benefit from a faster drug and toxin elimination if you have a faster metabolism. When you get older, your metabolism also slows down. Hence, the time it needs to detox is longer.

If you were using drugs and you are currently following a certain detox kit program, it is advised that you avoid heavy exercise. You should know that the detoxification program is meant to get rid of the drug indications and other toxins from the body by aiming at the fat cells.

Exercising can reverse the effects of the program. Thus, making it harder to remove the drugs and other toxins. You wouldn’t want to fail on your drug test so you should not engage in heavy exercise.

Detox drinks (Mega Clean)

Another method to conceal your usage of marijuana by taking detox drinks. Detox drinks perform a similar approach as the water, as the goal is to dwindle your pee so THC metabolites will register under the 50ng/mL edge.

However, these detox drinks do not strip THC from the urine or bloodstream to get a negative result on a drug test. Instead, these products falsify the laboratory by synthetically adding proteins and vitamins such as creatinine to the sample of urine. It is comparable to adding sugar to the coffee.

Detox drinks such as Mega Clean can be beneficial in stimulating the natural detoxification of the body. This product can work by cleaning out the system, although its effect can only take place within 24 hours or less. It is best suited for people who want to test clean from a drug test.

If you will encounter the immediate need to clean up and you do not have a urine kit that could rescue you during a supervised drug test, then Mega Clean can make you pass the urinalysis, even if you are a heavy user of marijuana.

Simply consume one tablet every hour for six consecutive hours one night before the scheduled drug test. When intaking the tablet, you have to accompany it with a 16-ounce glass of water. You must take note of your intake to make sure that you are tested during the span of its effectiveness.

You should also bear in mind that the urine sample you will submit for the drug test is not the first pee since your intake of Mega Clean. It will be good to note that when taking Mega Clean, you may have to visit the restroom often. Nevertheless, you can trust that the product is very effective in cleansing the system.

Some detox drinks can uncover urine of hints that the examiners during a drug test are looking for to make sure that the urine samples are not altered.

Bear in mind that for urine tests, the urine has to come out with proper color, appropriate temperature, correct ph level, ideal creatinine level, and has uric acid. Clean out your system in 24 hours or less.

Mega Clean is suitable for people who will have drug testing anytime soon. If you want to cleanse your system quickly but you do not have a urine kit, then this product will help you get a passing result from a drug test.

However, you cannot rely on this product if you will undergo special testing such as saliva test, hair test, and blood tests.

Synthetic urine (Quick Luck)

You may also consider other methods that involve the faking of pee. Quick Luck is synthetic urine and it is ideal for random drug tests. People wouldn’t consider using this product if they haven’t heard about its efficiency during a test. This top-rated synthetic urine is formulated with 11 chemicals that are very accurate that it can deceive any examiner. This fake pee actually looks like natural and clean urine and it will never show any indication of you using marijuana.

You can fake pee using this product and the process is quite simple. The heat activator powder can be used to increase the temperature within seconds. Just keep adding more powder until it gets the right temperature and you should be ready with synthetic urine.

You can simply throw in the heat activator powder and you will be ready to go in just a matter of two minutes.

Oral Clear Gum

The Oral Clear Gum is recommended for mouth swab drug tests and it is better than hydrogen peroxide. This product is saliva neutralizing gum that immediately disbands drug residues such as prescription drugs, nicotine, weed, and other insignificant drugs.

Every pack of this product has a single-use gum and it creates immediate effects. It can work as fast as 30 seconds and can last for 30 minutes.

You will just have to chew this gum to pass a drug test. The gum starts to neutralize the drugs and toxins in the system by producing a fluid mixture that has antioxidants along with other chemicals.

These methods will effectively neutralize the toxins, along with the ingested drugs regardless of the THC content, but only in a given period. You should also remember that the effects of this gum are only temporary.

Spike Additive

Spike Additive is ideal for home drug tests and is better than Visine eye drops or bleach. Unlike other detox products, you do not consume the Spike Additive.

All you have to do is just add the vial to the urine sample, twirl around, and it will amazingly neutralize any toxins that are present. Examiners will never have a hint that you are a fan of cannabis and enjoy high THC.

This product comes in a small vial so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to discreetly hide the urine additive. There are two vials for every order of Spike Additive.

If you consider yourself a mild user of marijuana, then one vial should be enough to neutralize 2-4 ounces of a urine sample. However, if you are a heavy user of marijuana, then you might have to use the two vials to neutralize the toxins in your urine test so you can pass a drug test.

Home remedies to pass a drug test

Now, if you cannot resist the temptation of using marijuana but wants to come out clean during testing, then there are other ways you can try. There are other alternatives if you want to know more about how to pass a drug test. Home remedies can also be used to pass a drug test. The most effective home remedy for getting a negative result on a drug test is to abstain from using marijuana until such time that you were able to clear away the substance from your system.

If you have an upcoming urine drug test and you haven’t abstained from using drugs, you might find it helpful to know that there are several home remedies you can try to pass the drug tests. You can also try other home remedies that can be useful for special kinds of tests, such as saliva tests, hair tests, and blood tests.

However, you should know that these home remedies are not very effective. Remember that you might face legal actions or could lose your job if found out that you are tampering with the results of your drug tests.

Urine dilution by drinking water

how to pass a drug test

Urine dilution is a common natural approach, however, you must understand that it does not work on its own. Drinking plenty of water, including herbal teas, without securing electrolytes can lead to fatal water intoxication.

Furthermore, the dilution can be traced. Hence, it is not recommended that you take an excessive amount of water to beat a drug test. A proper dilution only needs 24 to 32 ounces of water together with either an added creatinine or a huge well-salted steak and Vitamins B exactly two hours before the drug tests.

Apple cider vinegar

how to pass a drug test

When looking for a natural way of cleansing your systems from your intake of marijuana, whether with a great level of THC or not, apple cider vinegar can be a good alternative. This is mainly because it possesses antibacterial features. You can formulate a natural cleaner by combining a half-cup of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water.

This home remedy is very suitable for hair testing. Rinsing the hair with apple cider is believed to get rid of product accumulation, detangle, and give extra shine to the hair, and helps in eliminating positive test results from a hair test.

Simply combine a single portion of apple cider vinegar and a single portion of water. Apply the mixture to the hair. Let the mixture sit for several minutes before you remove it. Given the fact that the vinegar is extremely acidic, you must begin by testing with a weakened dilution, especially if your skin is sensitive to harsh ingredients.

Lemon juice

how to pass a drug test

Lemon juice has been labeled as a general detox drink. In fact, many experts are recommending it for getting rid of drug indications and toxins from the systems. Lemons are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C and are a great source of soluble fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is believed to have the ability to eliminate cannabis’ THC metabolites from the body in amazingly small amounts.

Simply combine a tablespoon of lemon juice and 500ml water. Drink in multiple times during the next few hours. Your goal is to drink the mixture 7 to 8 times a day until such time that your schedule of drug test arrives.

Now, if you have been vaping cannabis excessively in the past few days, it can be helpful if you bring along with you this mixture to make sure you have enough and pass the drug test.

Passing urine tests, water will not be the magical remedy. However, drinking lots of water can dilute your urine and consequently make your urine clean. So, if you are about to undergo a urine drug test, consider drinking lots of water until you reach the time of your urine test.

However, you must be mindful as giving entirely clear urine could trigger suspicion to the examiner thinking that you are a heavy user of weed and could lead to the disqualification of your sample.

Cranberry juice or Azo pills

how to pass a drug test

Cranberry juice and Azo pills are great diuretics. However, it has to be taken along with salt, B-vitamins, as well as creatinine to carry out proper dilution.

Also, it has to be taken two hours before the drug tests. You should not take it in advance as it may not flush the drugs and toxins from your system.

Ideally, you should wait for at least 24 hours after the day of your cleansing before you schedule the test. Purchase two liters of cranberry juice. Make sure that you get real cranberry.


What not to eat before a drug test?

You should not eat poppy seeds, pizza, durian, hemp seeds, tonic water, and coca tea before a drug test. These foods can be a culprit to false-positive test results in your drug test.

Can I drink coffee before a drug test?

It is advised that you avoid drinking coffee before heading to drug testing. A large quantity of coffee taken before the test can dilute your urine.

Unfortunately, diluted urine can prompt a warning to the employers since it can be an indication that you are trying to hide the fact that you are using drugs. Naturally, these employers will prioritize workplace safety and will not hire people who are under the influence of weed.

Does alcohol help clean your system for drug tests?

The answer is, no. Alcohol does not help clean the system for a drug test. Alcohol is known for being a diuretic which means that it can help you urinate more. Research even showed that alcohol can lead to dehydration. Hence, it will take some time for the body to cleanse.

Currently, there is no proof that drinking alcohol can help cleanse the indication of drugs in the system any faster than taking liquids or water for one week.

How to make yourself pee for drug testing?

You can try several things to make yourself pee for drug testing. Physical activities such as walking can prompt the bladder to naturally urinate. After several minutes of constant walking, you will notice a gentle stimulation in your bladder which means that you are ready to pee. You can then submit yourself for a test. Just make sure that your weed consumption is undetectable.

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