How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

A mouth swab test is a drug testing method that can detect the presence of different metabolites left by certain drugs. Oral swab testing for marijuana can detect the presence of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive substance in weed. Swab testing or saliva tests involve taking samples from the tongue and cheeks to detect drugs.

Because a mouth swab drug test can determine if you have recently consumed marijuana, many companies use this type of drug test to find out the drug habits of their employees. In most cases, an employee who’s found taking drugs may either be terminated or suspended. Some companies also use mouth swab drug tests as a pre-employment requirement.

But is there a way how to pass a mouth swab drug test? Before we get into detail about how to pass this drug test, let’s first understand how a mouth swab test works and how it differs from other tests.

How can I pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours – 3 best ways

Your drug test is today and you’ll be called anytime to drop by the clinic to take an oral drug testing. But you can still pass the test if you use one of the following:

1. Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

Right after your meal, chew the special gum to stimulate oral fluids and help remove THC molecules in your oral cavity. Do this at least 10 minutes before your test.

The product called Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is known as the “world’s best saliva neutralizing solution” you will find online. It contains highly effective chemical neutralizers that will not just remove THC in the mouth but all forms of toxins too.

Oral Clear Gum reviews
Where to buy oral clear gum

With the Oral Clear gum, you don’t need to abstain from weed which is especially important to people who have barely any time to quit weed. Chew this gum a few minutes before your test and it will work as fast as 30 seconds. You will be free from toxins for 30 minutes. The Oral Clear neutralizing gum is available only in 1 single-use chewing gum in one pack.

Right after opening a pack of Oral Clear gum, consume all of the content. Don’t divide the gum as you need to chew everything to get the best effects. Also, don’t swallow the gum right after use; just place it in a tissue and throw it away.


2. Ultra Klean – Best Detox Mouthwash for Drug Test

Detox mouthwashes are made from neutralizing ingredients that can get rid of toxins and marijuana metabolites from the oral cavity. Most of these products may be used in just a few hours or even minutes before the test. However, there is a small window when you’re clear to take a swab test.

A top contender for the best detox mouthwash is the Ultra Wash Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash. This product offers instant results and is also easy to use. Just swish inside your mouth for a few seconds, spit and repeat. This product is only 1-fluid ounce; you need to use all of it to get ready for the test.

Ultra Klean mouthwash
Oral Clear gum alternative

Remember that you must not eat or drink anything after using a detox mouthwash product. Don’t smoke cigarettes or brush your teeth as these can affect the neutralizing effects of these products.


Toxin Rid – Alternative (Currently Out of Stock)

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash is available in a small 1-fluid ounce bottle because it’s all you need to pass an oral test for THC. Just take a sip and swish the fluid in your mouth for 30 seconds. Afterward, spit the liquid and repeat. Use all the mouthwash in just one go and in just a few seconds, you’re ready to take a swab test.

Toxin Rid will keep your mouth clear from THC and other toxins for 30 minutes. Don’t eat or drink before the test so your mouth will remain toxin-free.

3. Home Remedies (Most Don’t Work)

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

Here are home remedies that are commonly used to prepare for a drug saliva test. Many say that these techniques work but we recommend caution if you want to try any of these remedies.

Listerine strips

There are people who recommend Listerine Cool Mint breath strips to help keep the mouth free from toxins and THC. They say taking two or three strips at the same time can help you pass a saliva test. Although Listerine strips work to keep the mouth smelling fresh and clean, they may not be enough to remove toxins and chemicals.

Home remedies like hydrogen peroxide, lemon, and sour candies act as adulterants. These can mask the oral cavity as you take the saliva drug test. This means that you’ll only have a small detection window to pass the exam.

Use adulterants at least a few minutes before your saliva drug test. Do this as you wait your turn at the clinic or at the testing area. Use only discrete methods so you won’t arouse suspicion. You can chew a hydrogen peroxide gum or ordinary gum or you may sip lemon juice in case fluids are allowed while you wait. Do this at least 10 minutes before your test.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another popular home remedy is hydrogen peroxide. This chemical is known as an adulterant and is the go-to method for people who want to cheat on a saliva drug test. We all know that hydrogen peroxide tastes terrible but it’s impossible to ignore that it’s effective.

This method is very popular that a company has decided to make chewing gum with hydrogen peroxide inside! There’s also a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to use at least hours before the exam. You can also make your own hydrogen peroxide mouthwash by adding around 5 ml of peroxide to a cup of mouthwash. Gargle vigorously and make sure to cover all the areas of your mouth. Swish the formula all over and rinse well. You can also use this on the day of the saliva drug test.


How far back will a mouth swab drug test go?

Mouth swab tests can detect all types of drugs but because of the chemical makeup of these substances, these are detected in varying amounts of time.

Marijuana – THC is stored in fat tissues and is slowly released into the bloodstream. It can be detected up to 2 days upon use. Saliva tests can detect THC within the last 24 hours of use.

Methamphetamine – meth can last longer compared to other drugs and is identifiable using a swab test up to 4 days and more for long-term, heavy users. Meth byproducts are detected in saliva as soon as 10 min and peaks at 12 hours.

Cocaine – this drug has a short detection window of only 48 hours. Past 72 hours, cocaine is untraceable through a saliva test.

Heroin and opiates – these drugs are not equally created but are mostly detectable for 24 – 36 hours in a saliva test.

Benzodiazepines – drugs like Xanax are used to treat insomnia, anxiety, migraines, and seizures but are addicting when abused. This class of drugs can be detected through a saliva test for the longest time at 10 days.

MDMA – also known as Molly is a rave drug that’s socially popular in parties and college campuses. It is detectable in urine and blood but in saliva, MDMA metabolites will be untraceable in 24 hours.

Alcohol – saliva tests can detect alcohol metabolites from 6 to 12 hours after use.

Suboxone – this is a drug used to control the opioid addiction. It has an addicting effect but is milder than morphine and heroin. Suboxone may be detected in a saliva test in just minutes after intake and will last up to 5 days.

How long can weed be detected from a mouth swab?

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

THC in marijuana can be detected using oral drug tests for only a brief period of time. So, even if you’re a heavy smoker, you can still pass an oral swab test for THC if you abstained from smoking or consuming weed for at least a day.

Meanwhile, urine tests detect drugs more efficiently as it takes longer to excrete drug metabolites through the urine. THC-COOH, the chemical that’s produced when THC is metabolized, will be detected for many days after consumption. The same goes for the metabolites of cocaine, amphetamine, and other drugs.

When is a mouth swab drug test required?

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

A mouth swab drug test is required during:

  • Pre-employment – drug testing using mouth swab tests or urine tests may be done before an applicant is accepted or selected. This is common especially in industries like the manufacturing, military, security, and medical industries. Workers must give their full attention to their work and thus must not be under the influence of any drug or medication.
  • During employment – workers in the mentioned industries should remain drug-free as they perform their daily tasks. Drug testing using mouth swab testing may be done randomly or unannounced to easily detect drug use in the workplace.
  • If instant results are needed – compared to urine test, blood tests, and hair follicle testing, mouth drug tests are easy and quick. The technician can get the results of your mouth swab drug test in just minutes.
  • If a cost-efficient method is needed – this type of drug testing is one of the cheapest as there are only a few pieces of equipment needed to conduct the drug test. It can be done in an office, in the field, or in a company clinic.
  • If a non-invasive drug testing method is preferred – compared to urine testing and a blood test, a swab drug test is easy to perform with no need to subject the person to awkward and scary scenarios.

What is saliva drug tests accuracy?

When saliva drug tests are performed accurately, this is close to 98% accurate. Factors like the type of drug being tested and the concentration of the sample may affect accuracy. Also, DIY saliva drug tests are least accurate compared to tests done in a testing facility or in a laboratory.

Should I use oral drug test kits?

There are DIY home saliva drug tests available. Although these tests may not be as accurate as laboratory-performed testing, you may still use these to help detect drug metabolites in saliva. An example of a home test is the SalivaConfirm 5-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit. This testing kit can detect the presence of five types of drugs including marijuana in just 10 minutes.

How to pass a saliva alcohol test?

Passing a saliva alcohol test is similar to passing a saliva drug test. You need to abstain from taking alcohol for a few days and practice detox or cleansing. You may also take detox mouthwashes to remove alcohol metabolites from the mouth to pass an oral alcohol test.

How to pass the Oral-EZE drug test?

Passing an Oral-EZE drug test is the same as passing a saliva drug test. You must abstain from taking drugs for a few days before the test. Practice cleansing using detox products like detox drinks and pills, exercise, and hydration to pass the test. If you have no time to prepare, you may use detox mouthwashes to help cleanse your mouth.

What if you’re a medical cannabis user?

Medical marijuana is legal in many states. If you’re consuming cannabis to take advantage of its medicinal benefits, don’t hesitate to tell your manager or supervisor. You may need to present a prescription to prove that you’re taking medicinal cannabis. In some countries, medical cannabis users carry a marijuana ID card which proves that they are taking prescribed marijuana medications.

And since medical cannabis is consumed in many ways (vaping, smoking, consuming cannabis edibles, oils, concentrates, and using topical cannabis medication) the level of THC detection in your saliva also varies. If you’re smoking or vaping cannabis, THC may be detected through a mouth swab drug test for a day or more. If you’re eating cannabis edibles, THC will be deposited in your oral cavity and will still be detected by an oral test.

Can your employer force you to take a mouth swab drug test?

No one can force you to undergo mouth swab drug tests for drugs. Even an employer cannot force their workers or an applicant to be subject to any drug testing. However, the worker or the applicant has to face the consequences of his refusal.

A manager or supervisor can suspend an employee who resists this kind of drug test. He may also consider refusal as a positive sign for drug use and this can cost the employee his job or post. A candidate for employment who refuses to take a mouth swab drug test is risking possible employment opportunities as well as career development and other perks.

A swab test confirms recent drug use but won’t determine if you have previously used drugs, if you’re a heavy or occasional user or if you use cannabis for medicinal reasons. Use these tips accordingly and don’t hesitate to talk to your manager or supervisor if you are taking medical cannabis.


Bikas Gurung

Bikas Gurung is a human rights activist representing International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and United Nations Strategic Advisory Group on drug use. He received his Master’s degree in Public Health from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and has been recognized for his work by winning "The Best Film Award" at the 2013 Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.