Clear Choice Sub Solution Review

When choosing synthetic urine to pass a piss test, a few brands stand out. One of them is Clear Choice Sub Solution. Let’s find out more about it in this Sub Solution review.

What is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is a synthetic urine formula in powder form that people can use for pranks, theater props, or urine samples in drug testing labs. Many people with niche habits like Sub Solution because it looks like real urine and feels and smells like one.

Sub Solution is formulated with 11 chemical compounds, such as uric acid and urea, present in human urine. This fake urine formula is pH balanced and has specific gravity and creatinine levels to imitate an actual urine sample.

You can be confident that this fake pee formula is biocide-free, toxin-free, and ready to use at any moment. Sub Solution synthetic urine kit comes with a set of instructions so you can avoid mistakes when preparing it. In addition, the product is undetectable by labs when adequately prepared.

Sub Solution synthetic urine review

Sub Solution is one of the top synthetic urine products on the market. It can pass for genuine urine because of its color, consistency, and smell. But, first, let’s highlight the product’s ingredients, usability, and effectiveness.


When you compare human pee Sub Solution, you’ll notice no difference. Clear Choice synthetic urine looks like the real thing, and in fact, it will be difficult to tell them apart even for lab personnel.


Clear Choice urine is almost identical to human urine because it contains creatine, uric acid, urea, potassium, and sodium. Urea gives urine its smell, while other ingredients are responsible for correct pH level, specific gravity, and other physical attributes.

Sub Solution can be used as a substitute sample for a urine test with this complex formula. And, since it’s available in powder form, no one will suspect you when you take it to the testing site.


The downside of using Sub Solution is that you need to follow its instructions closely or, else, you may waste the product before your urine drug test.

Sub Solution synthetic urine kit includes a plastic container with a spout cap, powdered urine vial, heat activator powder, and a temperature strip. You need to tell which is which and understand the instructions thoroughly before use.

One of the critical steps in preparing Sub Solution is keeping it at the ideal temperature range of 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see this on the temperature strip. Adding the right amount of heat activator formula to the container is the key to getting it right.

If you add too much heat activator powder, you’ll need to cool the specimen down. Thus, it’s best to take your time preparing your sample if you’re using Sub Solution to pass a drug test. The company even offers a practice kit precisely for this reason.

Overall, it’s tricky and time-consuming, something you don’t want to worry about before a urine test. But if you follow all the steps correctly, you can expect Sub Solution to work perfectly. Alternatively, you can opt for Quick Luck synthetic urine, which comes pre-mixed.


Sub Solution fake urine sample is an adequate substitute for real pee. It looks, smells, and feels the same if you prepare it correctly. Many people have used this product and have had great results.

How to use Clear Choice synthetic urine

Check that you have all you need: the fake urine powder, plastic cup, temperature strip, and heat activator powder. Follow these steps:

  1. Pour warm or body temperature tap water into the mixing container.
  2. Add urine powder into the mix Cover and shake it to dissolve the solution.
  3. Check the temperature reading on the side of the bottle. The ideal range is around 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t see any reading, the sample is too cold.
  4. Add some heat activator content to the solution if the temperature is insufficient. Shake and let the content settle. Remember, the heat activator powder works quickly, so you must check the strip as soon as possible.
  5. Once the liquid reaches the desired range, it’s time to submit your specimen.

Sub Solution is not just convincing but also has a long shelf life. If you don’t use the sample, you can refrigerate it and use it over the next two days. You can also freeze Clear Choice urine for up to six months!

You can reheat Sub Solution synthetic urine after being frozen or refrigerated for a long time. However, you can only do it once. After that, you can use the microwave, but don’t forget to remove the cap.

Does Clear Choice urine work for drug tests?

You can use Clear Choice Sub Solution to pass a drug test. It has all the components of human piss and is free from microorganisms, so your results will be clean. As long as you follow all the instructions on using this product, you can confidently pass your drug test.

Where to buy Clear Choice Sub Solution near me

Clear Choice Sub Solution is available online from the official Test Negative store. You may find this product in a local head shop, but we recommend staying away from alternative retailers due to many knock-offs.

Alternatives to SubSolution

Quick Fix is another synthetic urine brand. It has gained massive popularity because of its usefulness in passing a urine drug test. With the Quick Fix, you can easily fool anyone who needs your urine specimen.

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

Both men and women can use Quick Fix synthetic urine. Like Sub Solution, you must carefully follow the instructions to avoid detection. But the difference with Sub Solution is you don’t need to mix the Quick Fix synthetic urine.

The sample comes pre-mixed in a small bottle; all you need to do is heat this using your body temperature. Then, when the sample is in the same range as real urine, you can submit it to the technician.

Many people prefer to use Quick Fix synthetic urine with a belt or prosthetic penis. This is useful if you’re subjected to an observed urine drug test. Sub Solution is also available pre-mixed as part of the Incognito Belt kit or with XXXtreeme Solution fake penis.

Finally, just like Sub Solution, Quick Fix is also available online from trusted suppliers like But, again, buy only from legit suppliers to avoid using counterfeits.


Sub Solution is effective fake urine in powder form that can replace genuine urine. It’s helpful in many ways, including passing a urine test. This product has constituents of natural urine, and thus it looks, smells, and feels like the real thing.

However, you must follow the instructions closely to avoid crucial mistakes. 

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