How to Hide Urine for a Supervised Drug Test

Drug testing is an employment requirement in many companies and industries. Employees are subjected to random, sometimes supervised drug testing whereas applicants need to pass pre-employment testing as well.

But is there a way to hide urine to pass a supervised drug test? Can you pass a supervised test even if you did not abstain from your drug of choice? Let’s find out more about supervised testing, what happens during these tests, and finally, how to get away with supervised tests and pass them.

How to pass a drug test while being watched – 3 ways

Before we discuss some clever ways to conceal urine for a supervised test, let’s first state that there is only one way to pass a supervised drug test: ABSTINENCE. If you know beforehand that you’ll be taking a drug test during employment application, avoid taking drugs right away. If you know that random supervised drug tests are possible in your line of work, abstain from taking drugs to prepare.

1. Fake Urine Substitution

how to hide urine for a supervised drug test

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is to ask someone clean for a specimen, right? Although this seems like a good idea, it is very risky. This is because you can never tell if another person has also used illegal drugs which may also affect your test results.

Why do people use synthetic urine sample instead of substituting them with clean human urine? It’s best to use synthetic urine as this is pure and is guaranteed to help you pass your urine drug test. If you put real urine and a synthetic one side by side, you’ll find that both have the same color, clarity, and even smell.

If synthetic urine is tested, it will have normal pH, creatinine, and other urine components. Because of these, it’s impossible to tell if you have submitted a fake sample.  

But the real problem lies in how to use fake urine. How do you substitute your urine sample with a synthetic sample? You may place synthetic urine in a small vial, small enough to hide in your sleeves. Make sure that you warm the urine before hiding it so it will feel like regular urine. During the test, just stealthily take the vial from your sleeve, open it and pour the fake urine into the specimen bottle. You may also use a small bladder to hold a small amount of synthetic urine.

2. Using detox products

There are many ways to cleanse the body from THC and two of the most popular are using detox drinks and detox pills. If you search online, you’ll find that there are drinks and drinks combined with pills. Some of the best THC detox kits are composed of detox liquid, pills, and fiber products. Most of these products are available only online.

3. Resorting to “oil changes” 

The term “oil change” refers to a weird but popular technique that will require placing a tube in your urethra to drain your urine. Once there’s no more urine flowing from the tube, you will now insert a small amount of synthetic urine using a small syringe. The tube will also be used to place synthetic urine in. The amount will just be enough to submit a urine specimen.

Although the oil change technique seems to be very straightforward, it is dangerous and is not recommended. There is a risk of suffering from urinary tract infections as you inject synthetic urine into your bladder.

Also, this is a painful technique as you will need a tube to be inserted into your urethra which is like a catheter. There is no guarantee that you will not test positive for THC when you submit your specimen as your kidneys will continuously produce urine even with the synthetic urine in your bladder. So to be safe, don’t use this technique or variations of this technique. Use abstinence, detox products, and fake urine instead.

How to smuggle urine for a drug test – best urine holders

One of the ways to pass a urine drug test is to substitute your urine with synthetic urine. For this, you need a safe, efficient, easy-to-use urine holder. We have selected three of the best online:

1. Monkey Whizz

For females, there’s the Monkey Whizz, the Whizzinator for women. This product is a urine holder or bladder where synthetic urine is kept until it’s time to take the urine drug test.

Just like the Whizzinator, the fake urine sits inside the bladder. The bladder is attached to a cotton belt and should be placed around your waist securely. A small pocket at the back of the bladder will hold the heating packs. This will keep the synthetic urine at the right temperature when you submit your specimen.

From the bladder is a small tube where the synthetic urine will flow out. You may cut the tube shorter if you want as long as you keep the locking clips at the end to keep the urine from flowing. Here are instructions on how to properly use the Monkey Whizz:

Open the Monkey Whizz pack to check for the components. You should have the bladder with a long tube and clamps, the fake urine (3.5ml inside the bladder), a few 

  1. heating pads and the cotton belt.
  2. Place the bladder securely on the cotton belt.
  3. Place one or two heating pads at the back of the bladder.
  4. Secure the Monkey Whizz belt around your waist. Make sure to tighten the belt so it won’t sag from your abdomen. Place the tube inside the belt. Take care not to open the clamps.
  5. During the exam, hold the end of the tube and open the clamp to pour the urine inside the specimen cup.

With the Monkey Whizz, you don’t need to press the bladder for urine to come out. The liquid will move out of the bladder by gravity.

2. Monkey Dong

The Monkey Dong works as a great synthetic urine holder. It can hold as much as 3ml of synthetic urine, ready to use by the time you need to submit a specimen. The Monkey Dong works like the Monkey Whizz only it has a prosthetic penis.

The Monkey Dong is a controversial and yet effective way to get out of a supervised drug test. This is a synthetic urine kit with a prosthetic penis, synthetic urine, temperature strip, heating pads, leg strap, and an elastic belt.

This is a discrete way to pass a supervised drug test as no one will know that you’re filling the specimen cup with synthetic urine. Even in a closely supervised urine sample test setting, you can pee on the specimen cup without worries. Just press the bladder and the synthetic pee will flow through the prosthetic. This is a quick fix in case you can’t abstain before a test.

How to use a Monkey Dong device
  1. An hour before the test, prepare the Monkey Dong bladder.
  2. Use the syringe that comes with the urine kit to place the synthetic urine in the bladder. Use the small opening on the bladder to inject the urine.
  3. Close the small spout.
  4. Wear the Monkey Dong prosthetic and the bladder using the cotton belt.
  5. Tie the belt securely around your waist and the strap around your crotch area.
  6. Place a heating pad near the bladder to keep the urine warm.
  7. During the test, release the urine by squeezing the prosthetic. The valve will open to release the fake pee in the specimen bottle.  
Tips to use a Monkey Dong 
  • Prepare Monkey Dong fake urine kit at least an hour before your test.
  • Don’t forget to use the heating pad that comes with the fake human urine set. Place this near the bladder to heat the synthetic sample. Supervisors also test the temperature of the specimen as real urine is warm.
  • Wear the Monkey Dong correctly. The belt is worn around your waist but there is a leg strap to fasten it under your crotch. A supervisor may suspect that you’re wearing a prosthesis if you look uncomfortable or you’re too agitated. An ill-fitting belt and leg strap can be very uncomfortable so wear it properly. ·        
  • Order the prosthetic according to your skin color. The fake penis is available in five colors: black, brown, Latino, tan, and white.
  • Order the Monkey Dong fake penis and fake human urine ahead of time and start practicing at home. Practice quickly taking a specimen and practice doing it flawlessly so no one will suspect you’re wearing a prosthesis.

3. Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

Another synthetic urine holder that can rival the Monkey Whizz is the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit. This is a small bladder that holds up to 4 ounces of fake pee. All you need is to flip the small switch to let the urine flow.

The Quick Fix Pro also comes with a belt so you can wear this around your waist. But you can also wear it on other parts of your body in case the supervisor tries to inspect your waist for fake urine belts.

It’s easy to use the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

  1. Open the kit to find the belt, small bladder with fake pee, heating packs, and instructions.
  2. Activate the heating packs and place these close to the fake urine to warm it. You may also wear the bladder/belt first before placing the heating packs.
  3. When the urine is warm enough, place the bladder on the belt and secure this around your waist.
  4. Locate the tube and the stopper and make sure that it’s clamped or closed before you hide the bladder/belt.
  5. During the time of the test, open the tube by flipping the switch. The fake urine will flow out of the tube and into the specimen cup.
  6. You may need to press the bladder a few times to keep the pee flowing.

As with all fake urine bladders and belts, you need to properly hide this around your waist to avoid being detected. If you can, find another area of your body to secure the belt. You may use your thighs, chest, or arms instead of your waist. Just make sure to properly hide the long tubing where the fake urine will flow out.

Meanwhile, if you’re for an observed test, it’s easy to fill a specimen cup without the need to hide the fake urine bladder too much. As long as you don’t take too much time to fill the cup and there are no buzzing sounds (some kits have motorized pumps to let the pee out), you’re good to go.

Some important tips to pass an observed drug test with hidden urine

An observed urine drug test relies on the observer or supervisor’s keen senses to detect if the person is cheating or not. Therefore, aside from thinking about ways to keep synthetic urine, you should also know some basic things about urine specimens for drug testing.

The observer checks the temperature of the specimen

The average body temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius. Fresh urine is 32 to 38 degrees Celsius and anything below this can be suspicious. This is why most synthetic pee makers add a thermometer/temperature strip and heating pads together with their products.

An observer will first check the temperature using some kind of thermometer like a gun thermometer. But some may simply hold the urine to check. You must never overlook this as it can make or break your technique. So, be ready with heating packs and a handy strip thermometer to double-check.

The supervisor listens as you pee

Even if a supervisor does not personally oversee how you fill a specimen bottle with your pee, he will likely listen to you from a distance. Supervisors are trained to tell if the sound is an ordinary pee sound or already a sign that you’re using a fake specimen.

The observer may or may not peek as you pee

Some supervisors and observers may have a lax attitude and may not check as you perform the test. In some cases, an observer may just let you do whatever you want as you seem to be “innocent” enough.

Therefore, it won’t hurt to dress simply. Wear decent clothing and look like you won’t dare cheat on a drug test. Also, it would help if you befriend the observer or supervisor so he or she won’t be too hard on you as you take the test.

The supervisor allows only a few minutes for the test

Supervisors who stay out of the room and simply wait for you to finish the test will likely give you just a few minutes to take a specimen. So, don’t take your time; fill the specimen cup with fake pee and go. Don’t wait too long until the supervisor becomes suspicious of you.

Some clinics use the same type of specimen container

This is very important. If you have had the same drug testing procedure before, you will know the size and the appearance of the specimen bottle used. If the clinic uses the same specimen collection bottle over and over again, look for this specimen bottle in medical stores. Use this to keep fake pee or clean urine the next time you take the exam.

An observed drug test is just one of the many drug tests available. You may also be asked to participate in other kinds of tests like a saliva test, hair follicle test, or blood test. As always, all of these will just give a quick fix. Abstinence is the only sure-fire way to pass a drug test. There is no quick fix. Whether you want to pass drug pre-employment or keep your job, detox from drug, drink detox products and you’ll pass any observed test any time.

What is supervised drug testing?

A supervised drug test is exactly what it says: a qualified person will observe you as you take your specimen for testing. Most drug tests are urine tests as it’s the easiest one to trick. People subjected to monitored collection urine drug tests usually

  • Conceal a hidden synthetic urine specimen and substitute this for their urine.
  • Conceal a synthetic urine specimen and use this as a substitute for their sample.
  • Mess up the test by submitting a diluted specimen, filling their specimen with chemicals, soap, etc. to void the test.

Types of supervised tests

Closely observed urine drug test

In this urine test, the observer accompanies you inside the specimen collection room. The observer will ask you to empty your pockets and lift your upper garment to check for any concealed urine specimen or anything that can void the urine test. This is a test while being watched.

The observer will also search your pockets and your pants for a urination device. According to guidelines on supervised specimen collection, the collection room should have no video cameras as well as mirrors. The observer should be of the same gender as the person taking the test.

If you get caught or if the observer finds anything that’s used to substitute your urine sample, he will stop the test and consider your actions as a “refusal to take the urine drug test.” You won’t be marked as failed. You still have other chances to pass a supervised drug test.

Supervised urine drug testing

In the other type of supervised test, the supervisor will stand outside the collection room. You will take a urine test sample all by yourself and just hand it to the supervisor when you’re done. You will also be monitored from a distance; any unusual sound or anything suspicious will stop the procedure. The supervisor will then take a urine test sample under direct supervision.

In the second type of supervised urine test, the supervisor has no right to check your body and clothes before the exam. He can’t watch as you take the specimen; he only listens.  

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