Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Follicle Test Hack

A hair follicle drug test is a more effective screening method to identify drug metabolites than a urine test. So, if you are a cannabis user, a hair follicle drug test can be challenging. Nevertheless, some tricks can help you get negative hair test results. 

You might be wondering if the hydrogen peroxide hair follicle test hack works for hair drug and alcohol tests. Or, maybe you’re concerned if it’s even possible to undergo hair follicle testing after bleaching treatment. Now, let us start finding it out. 

Does peroxide remove drugs from hair?

Are you worried about passing hair follicle tests? Well, hair bleaching with hydrogen peroxide might be a good solution. 

Some studies revealed that hydrogen peroxide reduces drug concentrations in hair by 40% to 80% due to chemical degradation. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide hair treatments may effectively pass hair drug tests. 

However, there is still a need for further study of the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide for removing drug metabolites from the hair. The detection of the toxins in bleached hair would also depend on the types of drugs used. Some of the drugs are readily detectable by a hair follicle test.

The single treatment removes only about half of the drug residues from hair. Therefore, performing hair bleaching multiple times is often suggested. However, causing so much damage to the hair may render it unsuitable for testing.

To prevent too much hair damage from bleaching, you can use a good hair detox shampoo as part of the Jerry G method.

Can bleached hair still be tested for drugs?

Companies use a hair test when high accuracy or a longer detection window is required. Drug concentrations can appear on hair test results for months or even years after use.

Hair analysis is not a common drug and alcohol test. Nevertheless, hair follicle testing companies are up to date on the most popular tricks to pass a hair analysis.

If your hair looks unusually white, the laboratory may request a sample of body hair or a fingernail test instead. So, it’s essential to use a hair dye that matches your natural hair color after hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Even then, the lab may still detect the use of cosmetic treatment through a process called hair metabolomics analysis and reject your hair sample. So the only sure-fire way to pass hair drug tests is to use a good hair follicle detox shampoo.


Hydrogen peroxide can be an effective way of hiding drug compounds from detection by a hair follicle test. The damage of the hair strand will result in metabolites leaching from the hair.

Although some studies showed peroxide’s effectiveness, there is still the need for more profound research. There are also some factors to consider when it comes to bleaching your hair to remove metabolites from hair.

The factors are the frequency of bleaching your hair and the kind of drug used. 

Bikas Gurung

Bikas Gurung is a human rights activist representing International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and United Nations Strategic Advisory Group on drug use. He received his Master’s degree in Public Health from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and has been recognized for his work by winning "The Best Film Award" at the 2013 Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.