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If you have an upcoming drug screening and are worried about failing, you have just reached the right page. This article will discuss the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt, a popular fetish urine product commonly used to pass urine drug tests.

There are plenty of things to tackle regarding Monkey Whizz reviews. However, despite the numerous brands of fake urine appearing on the market, this fake urine kit from the Monkey Business brand remains one of the best options.

About Monkey Whizz kit

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine product is made by Serious Monkey Bizzness company. If you are one of the many drug users who want to preserve their privacy, you might be familiar with this fake pee brand.

The company aims to help people in passing their urine sample drug tests. Its fake urine products have been on the market for around 15 years. Monkey Whiz, in particular, has helped thousands of people pass a supervised drug test.

Our Monkey Whizz review

When looking for a fake pee product that will earn your trust, the first thing that you should do is determine its features and how they could help you achieve your goal of passing a urine pee test. There are several reasons why Monkey Business makes a great choice when looking for a product that could help pass a lab drug test:

  • Monkey Business synthetic urine is easy to use. The design is both inventive and impressive. This substitution method is very convenient as it imitates natural urination while you are sitting. This is when the release line takes the area between the cheeks of the butt.
  • Monkey Business fake urine kit comes with an elastic belt that is comfortable to wear and easy to put on. The belt secures the pouch that contains Monkey Business synthetic urine. You do not have to bring a urine container with you with this setup. The elastic belt discreetly holds the pouch.
  • Many people use Monkey Whizz because it includes fake urine and excellently imitates human urine. Monkey Business synthetic urine is formulated with ingredients to smell and look like human urine. It has creatinine, uric acid, and urea. Moreover, Serious Monkey Business secures the pH of the product to make sure that it is tested like the real urine.
  • The kit also has thin heating pads. The heat pads play a vital role in keeping the urine warm and maintaining a temperature similar to human urine.
  • The temperature strip is used to monitor the temperature of the urine sample. Remember that the temperature of Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is crucial to the success of the piss test.

Does Monkey Whizz work?

Human urine is composed of many ingredients in exact combination. Therefore, once submitted to the lab drug test, the sample is examined not only on its smell, color, and volume of foam but also the specific gravity, pH, urea, and creatinine.

Impressively, Monkey Whizz is formulated with the exact combination of human pee ingredients. This urine product even accumulates bacteria if left in the air.

Monkey Whiz is ideal primarily for women as it has been proven to give excellent results during drug screenings. There may be limited Monkey Whizz reviews, but many users would agree that this product works.

Provided that you manage to maintain its ideal temperature, you can be assured that you will pass your urine drug screening.

Nevertheless, Monkey Whizz is recommended for both genders. Women love the urinator kit since it is easy to hide and use, even if the drug test is supervised.

How can Monkey Whizz fail?

You should know that Monkey Whizz can also fail, especially since its formulation is quite simple. But, how can this product fail?

As mentioned, Monkey Whizz replicates human pee. Hence, it has uric acid, urea, and creatinine. Its specific gravity and pH are balanced. Seeing its physical aspects, you can say that it does look like human pee.

Furthermore, Monkey Whizz does not use an artificial preservative known as a biocide. Biocide is one of the components being checked by the laboratory in charge.

Monkey Whizz uses a heating pad. Although heating pads are generally reliable, there are times that they can fail. Nevertheless, the chance of failing in Monkey Whizz is not often.

As long as you keep the heat pad in its ideal steady heat, you can have the urine sample within the ideal temperature range for several hours. The ideal temperature range is between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, when you hear people complain that they failed in Monkey Whizz, it could only be because the laboratory in charge was so detailed, and he scrutinized the urine sample more than the normal process, or their heat pad didn’t work well. They didn’t bother increasing the temperature first before handing the sample to the laboratory.

It is always safe to check the temperature of the sample before you submit it. If you find out that it has cooled down, do something to alter it. For example, you may get some hot water, pour it through, or bring some hot water.

If you can find a way to do that, provided that the laboratory in charge will not perform intense scrutiny, your chance of passing the drug test is high. Therefore, it is logical to say that Monkey Whizz is an effective product unless you get unlucky with the laboratory in charge or are negligent.

Monkey Whizz instructions

Another great thing about the Monkey Whizz is that it is easy to use. With these simple steps, you can pass your drug test:

  1. During the day of your scheduled drug test, open one of the heating pads and secure it in your bag. Unlike other synthetic urine products that are microwavable, you can’t microwave Monkey Whizz. Doing so could overheat the sample, thus, making it invalid. With your heat pad, the flask can work impressively.
  2. Secure the belt on the waist. Secure it in a way that the tube is facing downwards. In case you find the tube too long, you have the option to shorten it by cutting it. Just make sure that you do not cut it very short, so you won’t find it difficult to empty your pee into the cup. Furthermore, keep the bag shackled to the skin to maintain the appropriate temperature. As designed, you should wear the bag at least one hour before the drug screening.
  3. Before you bring in your sample, make sure to see the temperature strip. You would know if the temperature is valid near or approximately 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Through a urinator kit, drain Monkey Urine into the cup. You don’t need to put a lot; three ounces are enough for the laboratory to perform a drug screening.

Where to buy Monkey Whizz near me

Monkey Whizz is available in several online stores. You might be tempted to get your item from a nearby head shop, but that is not recommended.

Monkey Whizz is best obtained from the manufacturer. This assures you of getting a fresh item rather than an almost expired product.

Alternatives to Monkey Whizz kit

People are free to choose any product depending on the ease of use and convenience. So if, for some reason, you will find the Monkey Whizz unideal for you, then you can go for the Monkey Flask urine. Males, however, may opt for the following alternative if they want to enjoy more security and convenience.

Serious Monkey Bizzness offers a product called Monkey Dong, a prosthetic penis available in six different skin colors. If you undergo a supervised drug test, this kit will be an excellent choice, although it is more expensive than the Monkey Whizz kit.


Monkey Whizz is an affordable product you can trust to help you pass your drug screenings. Its basic formulation is efficient enough for you not to fail a test unless you do not perform the necessary measures to keep the sample in its ideal temperature range.

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