UPass Synthetic Urine Review

People can use the widely known UPass fetish urine for pranks, animal repellants, and other personal activities. However, some people found this product line helpful in passing drug tests. In this UPass review, let’s find out if you can use this substance as a substitute to pass a drug test.

What is UPass urine version 8.4?

UPass fake pee has been around for years as a fetish product, and over these years, improved formulas have been developed. The most recent and dubbed as the most reliable version is UPass kit version 8.4.

UPass pee Version 8.4 is said to look, feel, and smell like actual piss. This is because it is made with the ingredients such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine, which is a waste product present in natural pee. The product also mimics the specific gravity, pH, consistency, and texture of human pee.

When UPass urine 8.4 and human pee are compared side by side, it’s impossible to tell which one is fake. But appearance, color, and odor are not the only properties technicians check when conducting urine tests.

Real human urine also has other components like compounds, proteins, and other trace minerals not present in UPass. Therefore, people who wish to use UPass to fool a urine drug testing kit must not be too overconfident. 

Our UPass synthetic urine review

There’s much hype about using UPass for urine tests so let’s review it according to product appearance and components, formulation, ease of use, and effectiveness.


When you compare UPass to regular pee, it’s clear that the two look very similar and that even the odors are the same. But a lab urine test does not end with a physical examination of the sample. Instead, testing is done using chemicals to detect traces of THC and other substances.

Although technicians won’t find THC in UPass, having a very clean sample with no minerals, proteins, and other components can be suspicious. 


UPass contains creatinine and urea, two primary components of human piss. However, you may arouse suspicion because of the absence of most other pee components.


UPass is easier to use than powdered urine kits. There’s no need to mix anything as it already comes pre-mixed in a small bottle. You will need to heat this container using a microwave to reach 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit before submitting it for testing.

Does U-Pass work for drug test?

People who’ve bought UPass claim varying results. This is probably due to some testing centers being able to detect cheap fake urine brands. Therefore, UPass may not be a reliable product for cheating lab urinalysis.

How to use U-Pass synthetic urine

The UPass instructions are on the packaging. Follow these to the T to get the best results. Here is a summary of the instructions:

  1. Open the package and heat the sample in a microwave for 10 seconds.
  2. Check the temperature strip. Reading must be 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit before submitting. Overheating will not produce any reading. You may need to wait for the sample to cool down by placing it on a cold surface.
  3. Shake it up before submitting.
  4. Keep fake pee warm for up to 6 hours using the hand warmer. Stick the warmer to the bottle with an elastic band.

Alternatives to UPass pee

Quick Fix is another famous product line available online. Like UPass, it is unrecognizable compared to genuine human urine.

UPass vs. Quick Fix

Quick Fix Plus is available in 3 ounces as this amount is all you need for a urine test. It has the correct pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels, so your sample won’t look suspicious. It also has urea and uric acid for a natural smell. Like UPass, Quick Fix works for males and females.

A urine drug test may be supervised or unsupervised. For supervised tests, a technician will be in the same room as you produce your sample. For this reason, you must consider using Quick Fix with a prosthetic penis or a belt to make it discreet.


The following are the most frequently asked questions about UPass.

Will UPass work at a doctor’s office?

If you’re at the doctor’s office for an illness or medical concern, it would be best to submit your specimen and not a synthetic one. A urinalysis tests for conditions like urinary tract infection, kidney stones, diabetes, and bladder or kidney cancer. You wouldn’t be adequately treated if you submitted a fake specimen.

Can you reheat UPass synthetic urine?

You can reheat UPass, but you should do this only once. Also, we recommend reheating it using a heating pad instead of a microwave.

How long does UPass last after heating?

UPass can last up to 8 hours after heating it in a microwave. However, if you want to get the best results, we recommend using the specimen as soon as it reaches the ideal temperature.

Can UPass pass a Labcorp test?

There are many reports that a Labcorp test detected UPass. Labcorp is a testing center that specializes in drug testing spanning different industries. It would be best to use premium synthetic urine brands or another strategy to pass a urine drug test at Labcorp.

Why is the UPass temperature reading blue?

If the temperature strip reading is blue or blank, you have overheated the specimen. It would help if you cooled it down by placing it on a cold surface before checking again. The ideal temperature is from 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Can you get UPass from Amazon?

You can’t buy UPass or other fake urine products from Amazon.

Will UPass pass a DoT substance screen?

DoT is short for the Department of Transportation, and the U.S. government regulates DoT drug and alcohol tests. In these sophisticated drug tests, the specimen of choice is urine, and a DoT test may detect UPass.

Final words

UPass pee is a famous fake urine product used to pass a drug test. The product looks, feels, and smells like regular urine; however, it lacks many natural urine components. This could be the reason why many tests turn out positive and invalid.

Although UPass Synthetic Urine is easy to use, it may not suffice as an alternative to real urine. For this reason, we do not recommend U-Pass to pass a urine drug test. 

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