Test Clear Powdered Urine Review

If you are looking for reliable powdered urine to pass a drug test, consider Test Clear, one of the most trusted companies that offer drug testing products. Because of the company’s long-time good reputation, many people choose to buy powdered urine for drug test.

Frankly, Test Clear powdered urine kit hasn’t caught the mass attention of the market yet. But, considering its affordable price and the company behind it, this urine product is worth a try. Later in this article, you will see the benefits and convenience of using this product to hide drug use.

What is TestClear powdered urine?

Water-soluble waste and excess water are eliminated from the body in urine. So after drug use, your body processes drugs and breaks them down into drug metabolites perceived by the body as waste. It is then excreted either through feces or urine.

However, drug metabolites can be eliminated gradually from the system every time you urinate as they have drifted in the body for several weeks. Hence, many people find it helpful to use synthetic urine kits to help them pass a drug screening.

In contrast to synthetic urine, Test Clear powdered urine is drug-free, real urine that has been dehydrated and shrunk into a powdered form. A powdered urine sample has uric acid, minerals, and vitamins present in real urine and exhibits the same foam and smell. Learn more about the differences of powdered urine vs synthetic urine in our article.

When mixed with lukewarm water, real powdered urine can excellently copy the properties of fresh human urine and would help you pass a drug screening.

What’s included with Test Clear powdered urine kit?

Do not be disappointed if you do not get a lot of extras along with Test Clear powdered human urine. You will only need that much, anyway. The following is included with Test Clear powdered urine kit:

  • A small vial of urine powder
  • Self-adhesive temperature strip
  • Mixing container
  • Heat pads
  • Set of instructions

Our Test Clear powdered urine review

The thing that makes this product reliable is that it is real powdered urine. It simply means that the product isn’t synthetic-made but rather freeze-dried human urine. You create an equivalent of fresh urine from a human by adequately hydrating it.

Powdered urine for drug test perfectly imitates real urine. Since its composition is natural and straightforward, you do not have to worry about being caught by a sophisticated urine test that detects synthetic urine.

The chemicals found in the powdered sample are creatinine, uric acid, and urea. In addition, potassium ions, sodium chloride, and bicarbonate ions are also present in the urine. Therefore, although the urine composition of every individual could differ, the said chemicals are always present.

As long as it is adequately mixed, the urine should possess the specific gravity, and the pH range should be within the human urine range.

Furthermore, the temperature strip and heat pad are of excellent quality. The heat pad is self-adhesive. Since it is flexible and thin, attaching it to the urine container will be effortless. With its firm attachment, steady heat is correctly emitted into the urine.

Does Test Clear powdered urine work for drug test?

TestClear powdered urine works effectively provided that the given instructions are followed properly. You mustn’t mix it with too little or too much water.

Due to the product’s high-quality components, it would be unlikely for you to encounter a problem. You can slightly microwave the urine sample, or use lukewarm water, to lessen the work of the heat pad. However, make sure that you do not overdo the heating.

The temperature strip will trace the temperature. If the temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can still heat the sample.

It would be best if you performed a test run with water. Attach the self-adhesive strip first. Pour in lukewarm water. Experiment with various water temperatures to determine the appropriate warmness registered by the temperature strip.

How to use Test Clear powdered human urine

If you were in a monitored drug testing environment, it would be best to prepare and mix powdered urine sample in your home and place it in a vial that you can hide somewhere on your body. Otherwise, you can mix the powder in the company toilet.

The powdered human urine kit comes with pretty standard instructions. The following steps are very similar to how other synthetic urine products are used. The only distinction here is the initial mixing of the powder:

  1. Pour the powdered urine sample into a mixing container.
  2. Prepare lukewarm water and gently pour it into the container until it nearly covers the top.
  3. Tighten the lid and gently shake the liquid to dissolve the urine powder. The liquid should transform its appearance to resemble human urine.
  4. Air activates the heat pad by pulling it out from the packaging. Attach the self-adhesive strip to the urine container. The heat pad will initiate the temperature registration on the temperature strip in roughly 30 minutes as long as there is lukewarm water. The strip is noted to register a temperature between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is the acceptable boundary within which you should submit your urine sample.
  5. You are using a self-adhesive strip, so make sure that you attach it to the urine container to ensure that the heat originating from the urine inside the container is registered. You are not aiming for the heat from the pad, so do not attach the self-adhesive strip right to the heat pad.

Once you are done with these steps, you have around five hours to submit your urine sample; otherwise, the heat will begin to recede.

Upon arrival at the laboratory, you might want to check first the temperature of your urine sample to confirm if it is still in the ideal range. Then, after confirming its ideal temperature, go ahead and submit the sample.

It is always recommended that you secure a heat source if your sample gets cool. For example, you can secure another heat pad or a small container of hot water.

To ensure the best results, always maintain the ideal temperature range. For example, while you keep the vial extremely close to the body while heading for a urine test and the body sweats, the chance of having the urine temperature increase is very high.

When this happens, the temperature can go beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and you will be immediately called out for cheating. Therefore, always be cautious with the temperature and ensure that the powder is dissolved completely.

Scenarios where TestClear powdered urine failed

You might have heard several people saying that the TestClear powdered urine failed. However, if you scrutinize their sentiments, you will learn that the failure is not related to the efficiency of the product.

Typical scenarios where the powdered urine could fail are if you fail to follow the instructions. Hence, make sure to read and understand the given instructions. In addition, to ensure successful use, be cautious with certain factors such as the expiry time, temperature, etc.

Remember that you can only submit your urine sample to the laboratory if its temperature ranges between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. TestClear kit comes with a heating pad to heat the sample again in case it cools down.

A reputable company produces this powdered urine kit. TestClear wouldn’t risk its reputation by advertising misleading claims. The company is firm with its claim that the powdered urine sample works effectively.

Where can I buy powdered urine kit?

The only reliable place where you can buy the best powdered urine for drug test is TestClear’s online store.

You may find several online retailers who would typically offer the product at a discounted price. However, this could be too risky for the consumers as they might get a fake product.

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