Powdered Urine vs. Synthetic Urine

If you have an upcoming urine drug test and are worried about test results because you know you are guilty of drug usage, then your first concern is looking for a fake urine kit or cleansing drinks that will help you pass urine drug test.

Two of the most common substitution methods that you can try are powdered urine kits and the liquid synthetic urine method. Both fake urine sample collection methods claim to work effectively. But how would you know which one is better?

Different people may have their own opinion about fake urine products. Still, it will be wiser if you take the initiative to learn the critical facts about regular urine in powdered form and liquid synthetic urine kits.

What is synthetic urine?

Just as the name implies, fake urine is formulated with chemicals and artificial ingredients. However, it is not authentic human urine. And because of this fact, hesitation could grow as you may feel that fake pee could quickly draw suspicion from drug testing labs.

Synthetic urine is formulated to resemble regular urine. Different chemical compounds were mixed and treated to imitate properties of human urine, including smell and color, to make sure that even if a laboratory analysis test becomes rigid, you will still get a negative test result.

With the technology’s innovation, fake pee companies aim to reach the ultimate level of success. Nowadays, synthetic urine also has uric acid. Thus, increasing your chance of passing urine drug test.

Drawbacks of using synthetic urine kits

Despite fake urine makers’ efforts, many people do not feel confident in using it. This is because high demand in the market caused companies to produce low-quality fake pee products, which in turn gather negative synthetic urine reviews.

True, using synthetic urine for drug tests can be risky. With innovations in drug testing laboratories, several types of equipment are used to determine whether the sample is real urine. Furthermore, some states have made synthetic urine illegal, which will eventually cover the entire country.

So, if your dream job requires a urinalysis test as part of the recruitment process, or you’re in a government-mandated drug testing situation, you do not want to use cheap synthetic urine. 

What is synthetic urine made of?

Both liquid and powdered synthetic urine must contain the following:

  • Water
  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Correct pH balance

Although using fake urine for drug tests may involve various steps, all brands typically function on one principle. Notably, most synthetic urine kits include heating pads to ensure the correct temperature of the sample.

What are powdered urine products?

Powdered urine kits are another option to pass urine drug tests. Unlike synthetic urine, human urine in powder form will work at all drug testing labs because it’s essentially real urine. 

Test Clear powdered urine is 100 percent natural human pee, processed through dehydration. With such a process, the urine simulation product possesses all the necessary chemical compounds of drug-free urine while having a longer shelf-life. 

When using powdered urine, you can ultimately hide your health issues. In addition, the efficiency of this product is high since it is real urine. Therefore, the only thing you need to ensure when using powdered urine during a drug test is not to get caught while filling and submitting the sample cup.

What is powdered pee made of?

The most popular Test Clear powdered urine kit comes with the following items:

  • Mixing vial
  • Temperature strip
  • Heaters
  • Test kits (optional)

Unlike liquid synthetic urine, you would first need to mix Test Clear powdered urine with lukewarm water before heating it.

Powdered urine vs synthetic urine

After learning and understanding the difference between powdered urine and synthetic urine, it is logical to say that a more cost-effective option to pass a drug test is to use powdered urine. There is a high chance that you will pass your drug test using powdered pee as long as you follow the instructions correctly.

The downside of powdered urine is that its preparation is quite tricky. However, its shelf life is comparable to synthetic urine, so you can buy it in advance and experiment at home.

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Bikas Gurung

Bikas Gurung is a human rights activist representing International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and United Nations Strategic Advisory Group on drug use. He received his Master’s degree in Public Health from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and has been recognized for his work by winning "The Best Film Award" at the 2013 Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.