In January 2008, the “First Consultation on the Prevention of HIV Related to Drug Use” in Goa, India, provided a platform for Asian drug user activists to hold a regional consultation and develop the Goa Declaration, building on the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) Vancouver Declaration, effectively giving birth to ANPUD.

We are the regional community-led organization (membership network) for community empowerment, human rights and people-centered evidence- & rights-based drug laws and policies. As people who use drugs have been deprived of their fundamental rights to life, health, education, participation, justice, opportunity, social and private life, and other elements that constitute a quality of life, we support the development of resilient communities and their networks in the countries and have been leading an advocacy movement to influence decisions that directly affect lives of our communities and of their loving ones in the Asian region.

People do not lose their human rights simply because they use or sell drugs.

  • The Vancouver Declaration

    Why the world needs an international network of activists who use drugs

    The International Activists who use drugs

    30 April 2006, Vancouver Canada

  • The Goa Declaration

    First Asian Consultation on the Prevention of HIV related to Drug Use, 2008

Historical Documents