NEPAL PRESS RELEASE: Demonstration to stop Filipino slaughter

Since winning the national elections in May, Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte has called for police and even the general public to kill people suspected of using or dealing drugs. 748 people have so far been killed, (see ABS CBN News, )


Yet, as a UN Member state, the Philippines is bound to respect international agreements.

The deadly targeting of drug users is a violation of the basic right to life and liberty, and security. Under international law, drug use and drug dealing do not qualify as ‘most serious crimes’; therefore drug use or involvement in the drug trade is never sufficient cause for the death penalty. Further, due legal process, including the right to appeal must always be followed.

President Duterte has revoked the civil and political rights of people who use drugs who are being killed without due process. They are not tried before a court of law, nor even ‘proven’ to be that of which they are accused.

A peaceful gathering at the Consulate Office of Philippines located in Kathmandu, Nepal on 5th of August 2016 will ask that the President immediately call a halt to this slaughter and ensure the rights of people who use drugs, including the right to the rule of law and due process and the right to health and provision of voluntary, evidence-based drug treatment and harm reduction services.