Artists, Lawyers, Human Rights Groups to Netflix – Cancel AMO

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Sign the Petition and support LUZVIMINDA SIAPO, mother of RAYMART SIAPO (19 years old) who was one of the victims of war on drugs in the Philippines.

Artists, Lawyers, Human Rights Groups to Netflix – #CancelAMO

Statement April 10, 2018

We, artists and human rights advocates, express our deep concern over the screening of AMO, a series about the brutal war on Drugs campaign waged in the Philippines. According to its director Brillante Mendoza, the show will dramatize the drug problem in the country from the point of view of the victims as well as the “victimizer”. He claims that the ongoing drug war is necessary not just in the Philippines but in other countries dealing with a so-called drug problem.

There have been 20,322 recorded deaths since this violent campaign against drugs started in July 2016. The Philippine National Police even admitted that 3,967 of these deaths happened during police operations, while the 16,355 were “deaths under investigation”. Most of the victims are from poor families, allegedly tagged to an illegal drug offense, not afforded proper investigation and the right to due process.

This savage disregard for human rights is sanctioned by the Philippine government. It does not need another apologist. Worse, Mendoza who justifies the killings, is given an international platform to present his skewed view.

In a statement, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that the show AMO “appeared to gloss over the vicious reality of Duterte’s drug war” and that the Philippine government which paints this drug war with “ludricrous veneer of civility and lawfulness” will be pleased with the first two episodes of the show.

Luzviminda Siapo, mother of Raymart Siapo, the handicapped 19-year old extrajudicial killing victim, wrote Netflix in a petition to cancel the show. In her petition, she expressed her disagreement with Mendoza and the premise of the show. She said that the war on drugs is not the solution to the drug problem in the country and that killing is simply not right.

We reiterate the call of the grieving mother of Raymart Siapo. We demand Netflix to cancel AMO. Netflix should not condone a show glorifying Duterte’s drug war. Thousands of Filipinos have already lost loved ones to this murderous campaign. Airing AMO will only bastardize their grief.

We call on Netflix to stop giving an audience to a show that aims to justify extrajudicial killings. We call on Netflix to cancel AMO. ###


  1. Balaod Mindanaw
  2. Human Rights Unlimited
  3. Akbayan Youth
  4. Students for Sensible Drug Policy Philippines (SSDP Philippines)
  5. StreetLawPH
  6. Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG)
  7. IDEALS, Inc.
  8. Australian Coalition Against the Resurgence of Dictatorship (ACARD)
  9. Liberal Democratic Caucus
  10. NoBox Philippines
  11. Social Democratic Caucus
  12. Kilusang Artikulo Trese
  13. DAKILA