Global Coalition Calls for International Criminal Court Intervention in the Philippines

Action All the More Critical as Philippines Threatens ICC Withdrawal

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Global Coalition Calls for International Criminal Court Intervention in the Philippines – Action All the More Critical as Philippines Threatens ICC Withdrawal

New York City (December 14, 2017) – As Philippine Government sponsored mass killings top 13,000, a global coalition of NGOs and advocates say International Criminal Court (ICC) intervention is urgent following the Philippine governments denials and threats to withdraw from the ICC. The coalition released an open sign on letter addressed to ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda urging her to investigate the Duterte Regime for Crimes Against Humanity.

“The silence of the ICC and the UN is inviting a new era where violence and murders are normal, human rights violations are universal”, said Anand Chabungbam, the Regional Coordinator of the Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD). “We, on behalf of our community [people who use drugs] implore the ICC to act on its mandate and help us save thousands of lives”, he further added.

“The Duterte Regime is protecting those carrying out the President’s orders for mass killings and the threat to withdraw from the ICC is clearly an attempt to avoid prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity, while the killings continue” said Randy Thompson, CEO of Help Not Handcuffs, Inc., the organization coordinating the effort.

Duterte spokesman Harry Roque stated at the ICC’s Assembly of State Parties taking place at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City, that the government is protecting human rights and will withdraw from the ICC if it moves forward with charges of Crimes Against Humanity.

There have been 13,000 extrajudicial killings in the 18 months following President Duterte’s election and his announcements of a national plan to kill people involved with drugs. The letter substantiates the need for immediate ICC action by satisfying the ICC’s Jurisdiction, Admissibility and Reasonable Basis criteria as dictated by the Rome Statute, which governs the ICC. The letter is attached.

Organizations and advocates who wish to add their names to the open-letter can do so by emailing The letter will be updated and transmitted to the Office of the Prosecutor on a rolling basis. Endorsers of the letter to the ICC Prosecutor to stop the mass killings in the Philippines are listed below:

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