Appeal to the Pope: excommunicate Duterte!

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Protestant theologian / member Schildower circle 03657 26843

Appeal to the Pope:
Please excommunicate the Philippine President Duterte!

With an appeal over 300 people from church, politic, culture, drugs Help- and human rights structures from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Canada, Australia, South Africa , El Salvador, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong and the USA have appealed to the Pope in Rome. In this they ask the Holy Father to excommunicate the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and to deprive him of all ecclesiastical rights. This unusual demand is linked to a bloody wave of lynchings, is personally responsible for Duterte. The new president of the Philippines has escalate after coming to power the drug war. He made it clear that he does not believe in human rights and human rights organizations, church representatives and journalists despised.

The Philippines is a country where the Catholic Church has great influence. With the step of excommunication, the Catholic Church a criminal politician would de-legitimize the killing. “So you could stop the killings, save lives and enforce the concern of Mercy in the Philippines.” Says the call, which is also present in English and Dutch.

The appeal – also in english- is to be found in the link and can be signed there too – Click here to sign the petition.