ANPUD Consultants Roster 2018: Call for Applications

Deadline to apply for ANPUD consultants roster 2018 has already passed.

The deadline to submit the application is January 31, 2018 before 17:00 Bangkok time.

ANPUD Consultants Roster 2018: Call for Applications


ANPUD is a community-led regional network that works to improve the quality of life of people who use drugs through the enjoyment of equal human rights and opportunities. The formation of ANPUD is underpinned by the principle of “Meaningful Involvement of People who Use Drugs ” (MIPUD) with a strong belief of unity, support, equality, inclusiveness, spirit of friendliness, collaboration and will to change the current situation faced by people who use drugs in the Asian Region.

Objectives of the Organization

  • Promote a unified platform and common voice for people who use drugs in Asia, through providing representation and coordination at various forums where people who use drugs should be represented.
  • Establish or strengthen national networks of people who use drugs in Asia to ensure their representation at all decision-making forums and processes that affect their lives.
  • Advocate for the harmonization of policies that negatively impact on the health and well-being of people who use drugs, decriminalization of drug use and reduced stigma and discrimination
  • Advocate for universal access to a diverse range of evidence based, locally driven harm reduction approaches in conformity with the ‘WHO, UNODC, UNAIDS Technical Guide for countries to set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care for injecting drug users’ in the Asian region with a special focus on access to hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment.
  • Establish strategic alliances and forge collaborations with various like-minded individuals, groups and organizations to promote and support the effective and meaningful participation of people who use drugs in the regional and global response to HIV and drug use.
  • Provide expertise, resources and support to country networks in advocating for issues affecting people who use drugs at country level.

Purpose of the Call for Consultants

The purpose of this call for consultants is to develop a roster of consultants (experts) for the year 2018. It will primarily benefit ANPUD by reducing the time and level of effort that is required while hiring a consultant. With the launch of ANPUD’s new strategic plan 2018-2022, it is essentially important for ANPUD to become efficient and deliver its action plans on time.

Below are some Q&A that will facilitate everyone to understand the process.

Who can submit an application?

Anyone may submit his/her application. However, we would encourage individuals and organizations that have extensive experiences of working with people who use drugs; on harm reduction; human rights; community system building; proposal development; drug law and policy reform advocacy; and scientific research.

Individual Consultant means a person who works as a freelance.

Organization refers to any legal entity whose purpose and work are congruent to ANPUD’s goal, objectives and the above-mentioned issues/areas.

Experts from the community of people who use drugs will be given high priority.

What type of work will ANPUD outsource in 2018?

In 2018, as per the new Strategic action plan, ANPUD will most probably outsource work that will focus on:

  • The Global Fund Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) engagement assessment, tool development and capacity building
  • Community based quality monitoring tool development for harm reduction services and capacity building
  • Advocacy and policy briefs writing
  • Drug Users’ Terminology Guide
  • Capacity building of PUDs on para-legal services and human rights.
  • Short movies and documentary production
  • English to National (local) language or vice versa translations of documents for countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Nepal.
  • Layout and graphic design

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What do I need to submit?

Individuals interested to submit an application must submit the documents below:

  1. A cover letter explaining your area of expertise and experiences.
  2. A complete CV with two referees (Applicants who have had consultancy experiences are requested to submit details of their previous consultancies including the fees you were paid.)

Organizations interested to submit an application must submit the documents below:

  1. Organization profile covering key relevant activities performed in the last 2 years. (Max 4 pages)

When is the deadline for submission?

The deadline to submit the application is January 31, 2018 before 17:00 Bangkok time.

How do I submit my application?

Kindly submit the above-mentioned documents via email to . We would appreciate if you could keep your email subject in the quoted format – “Submission for the Consultant – YOUR/Organization’s NAME – COUNTRY”.

What will happen after I submit my application?

After the given deadline of this call, ANPUD secretariat will review all the applications and shortlist them. Shortlisted applications will be registered in the ANPUD Consultants Roster.

Please note that there will be no acknowledgement of receipt of your application submission email. Shortlisted applicants will be notified individually via email in February 2018.

How does the roster work once I am registered?

Once you are registered in the roster of consultant, ANPUD secretariat may contact you for any consultancy opportunities that are more relevant to your expertise. The issue and areas of consultancy will depend on various current and upcoming projects that will be implemented by ANPUD in 2018. Though, please understand that being registered in the roster does not in any way assure a consultancy contract.

When you are selected as the consultant for a specific contract, you may be required to submit some additional documents like scanned copy of your ID/passport (registration documents for organizations) and documents that would verify the rate of your previous consultancies (depending on different funding agency’s requirement). The role of the selected consultant will be defined in the contract to be signed for the specific task.

Will there be any similar call in the future?

Yes, there will be another call at the end of 2018 to develop roster for 2019. The current call is for the period from February-December 2018. The 2018 shortlisted applicants’ registration will continue in our roster. However, they will be requested to submit their updated CV.