ANPUD Short Films Competition Results Announced

WINNERS to receive Cash Prizes worth US $5000 & more…

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Posted on Thursday on 28 March 2019

Media Release

ANPUD Short Films Competition Results Announced

WINNERS to receive Cash Prizes worth US $5000 & more…

Bangkok, 28 March 2019 | The Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) has announced the result of one of its biggest events which had been launched and ongoing since July 2018.

The ANPUD Short Films Competition 2018 was more than just an event to us – it was the 10th Anniversary celebration of ANPUD and the first of its kind to cherish the movement of Asian drug using communities. The competition aimed to advocate for and humanize the issues of people who use and inject drugs in the Asian region through collaborations with innovative filmmakers.

As organizers we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the most amazing groups of people who were involved to help make our event a success! This includes all the filmmaker participants, our collaborating Partner – Pokhara Film Society; and all our funding partners such as the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV (UNAIDS),  Frontline AIDS (previously International HIV/AIDS Alliance) and the Robert Carr Fund for civil society networks.

We are pleased to announce the results of our competition.

Our special Congratulations to all the winners.


The Best Short Film Award  | CASH PRIZE $2,500 & MORE…

Mr. Arjanmar Rebata, a filmmaker from the Philippines has won ‘The Best Short Film Award’ for his thought-provoking short film “A Boxing Country”.  Mr. Rebeta has been involved with companies/groups like Pelikmata Productions and Arjanmar Rebeta Films in the Philippines.

“A gut-wrenching story of a boxer and a drug user who did everything to turn around his life yet is utterly failed by the prejudices of the system and the society that he calls home.”

“Very good for anti-stigma and discrimination in a very difficult environment. Well written and directed to fit the purpose of this competition.”


First Runner-Up Award  ||  CASH PRIZE $1,200 & MORE…

‘The First Runner-Up Award’ is an esteemed honor presented to Mr. Bicky Khadgi, a Nepalese filmmaker for his eye-opener short film “If only they were not criminalized…”.

“A Painful story of a tender love between two drug users and the system that failed them, achingly recounted by their daughter. A big “IF” that might have actually saved a family.”

“Wonderful video that shows the dramatic impact of criminalization and discrimination through the voice and eyes of a young girl who was raised by an adopted family after the deaths of her parents in a situation of marginalization and exclusion. The message is powerful.”


Second Runner-Up Award  ||  CASH PRIZE $800 & MORE…

The short film “A Jail in a Jailed Nation” has won the ‘Second Runner-Up Award’. This short film was an act of bravery demonstrated by Filipino people who use drugs amid ongoing human rights crisis and nation-wide war on drugs approach. Due to the nature and contents of this short documentary film, we cannot disclose any detail of the filmmaker as their safety and security could remain constantly at high risk.

“A firsthand look inside Cebu City Jail and the mistreatment of its inhabitants. A bold filmmaking that should be celebrated for its unflinching search of truth and courage to tell the story”

“While watching, the only way to not get my heart shattered into million pieces is to pretend I don’t have one…. pretending to be heartless, as heartless as President Duterte!!!”.


Public Choice Award  ||  CASH PRIZE $500 & MORE…

Mr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha, another Nepalese filmmaker has won the ‘Public Choice Award’. As the award title suggests, it can be said that Mr. Shrestha’s nomination as a winner directly came from public because they liked his informative short film “Into The Light” that successfully told the story about almost 20 years of an incredible journey of the first ever drug using community-led organization of Nepal called ‘Community Support Group’. 

 “Very interesting video about a successful and inspiring story of a group of drug users who defied stigma and discrimination and created the first community-led initiative in Nepal led by and for drug users.”

The competition was a grand success in that it brought together young, creative and highly passionate filmmakers from countries like Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Iran, in which our communities have been subject to compulsory detentions, capital punishment and violence as a result of the so-called war on drugs.

Out of all the 15 applications and concept notes, 11 had been shortlisted and invited to submit their full script. Upon scripts finalization, each filmmaker signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ANPUD. Each filmmakers received USD 250 as an assistance fund to support the development of all the short films. On 14 January 2019, we released 11 short films on ANPUD’s YouTube channel and widely shared via all the social media platforms. If you have not already watched our short films.

Watch our 11 short films on YouTube:
HOW WE HAVE BEEN PAINTED FOR DECADES: ANPUD releases 11 short films that can change your perspective”.

All the short films underwent both quantitative (scoring) and qualitative (observation/impression) evaluations conducted by our Jury in the light of 7 pre-defined criteria covering various aspects of a film making process as well as competition guidelines.

In the Photo are all five members  of the International Committee (JURY)  and Event Manager at the end to your far right-hand-side.

​Many thanks to our Jury​, which was an​ independent international committee comprised of 5 experts coming together from different professional background.

Please visit the link to learn more about our event:

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