Organizational System Strengthening

Title: Organizational System Strengthening

Period: January 2018 to December 2018

Total Budget: USD 17,750

Coverage: Support for Regional Office in Bangkok (core costs)

Status: Active

Supported by: International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Project Summary

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) granted the “Organizational system strengthening” project of ANPUD since July 2014 with the aim to strengthen the organization and expand our advocacy initiatives. Increased human resource at the ANPUD secretariat to ensure in effectively addressing regional advocacy agenda, providing support to strengthen member country networks, and reaching out to member constituents in a consistent manner was the overall purpose of the project. The project also ensured wider engagement of ANPUD with other stakeholders both at the country and regional level in decision-making processes. The support has made immense contribution towards strengthening the ANPUD secretariat and organization as a whole.

In 2018, ANPUD will deliver the following activities extracted from the strategic action plan.

SO#1: Leverage evidence and partnerships to advocate effectively.

  • Represent ANPUD at various regional and global meetings, forums and conferences.

SO#2: Effective communication and management of knowledge across the networks.

  • Regular updates of website content and social media of ANPUD.
  • Monthly secretariat update and monthly news bulletin ‘Flash’ for e-group members.

SO#3: Mobilise resources and build capacity of the ANPUD secretariat and National Networks.

  • Core support to the regional secretariat and administrative costs.
  • Conduct annual meeting of the ANPUD Boards (EB and Thai) and mid-term review of the two-year Strategic action plan.
  • Develop and submit funding request to potential funding agencies/sources.

The IHAA grant for 2017 focuses at the countries that the regional Global Fund harm reduction advocacy in Asia grant led by India HIV/AIDS Alliance does not cover. Countries like Myanmar and Malaysia are not at all covered, and support for Philippines and Nepal are withheld until the end of 2017. ANPUD will work closely with Alliance Myanmar to strengthen the National Drug Users Network of Myanmar. ANPUD has been supporting the drug user community in Malaysia, Philippines and Nepal for establishment of their national network. During the support visit, ANPUD will assess the status and capacity needs of the national network and will endeavor to address those needs through resource mobilization in 2017. The fund will also ensure that the country representatives are meaningfully engaged in important regional events and are not left behind due to lack of financial support. Their participation at regional events will create a south-to-south learning opportunity that will further strengthen their leadership at the country level.

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