Organizational Capacity Building

A Training Guide – Third Edition 2017

Organizational Capacity Building: A Training Guide – Third Edition 2017

This manual is updated in the frames of “Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia (HRAsia)”
project (2017-2019). The project is funded by The Global Fund to enable access to HIV and Harm
Reduction services for People Who Inject Drugs in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines,
Thailand and Vietnam.

Check previous Editions (Available in English, Khmer, Vietnamese and Burmese)

Module 1: Creating an Effective Network

This section will cover:

  1. Governance Basics
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Evaluation
  4. Strategic Planning

Module 2: Amplifying Your Voice

This section will cover:

  1. How to set-up basic internal and external communications systems
  2. Advocacy 101
  3. Common advocacy tactics
  4. Meaningful member participation in communications and advocacy

Module 3: Securing Funding For Your Work

This section will cover:

  1. How to develop a grant proposal
  2. How to report back on your work aft er you received funds
  3. Ongoing donor management (or, how to keep the people with the money happy!)

Module 4: Leadership

This section will cover:

  1. What is leadership?
  2. Key elements of effective leadership.
  3. Leadership and governance.
  4. How to develop leadership?
  5. Leadership Styles:
    – Case studies.
  6. How to choose leaders?

Module 5: Gender Module

This section will cover:

  1. Depth understanding of gender as a social and cultural construct.
  2. Identify gender inequity and addressing it.