How to Cheat a Drug Test

A lot of companies these days place priority on drug testing since they are completely aware that a good program offers a productive and safe environment at work. Despite doing their best in this regard, some have also tried to skip this part. Do you want to know how to cheat a drug test? There are certain ways that employees do so. 

Using Another Person’s Urine

Some people, employees particularly, cheat by using the urine sample from another person. Organizations report that some use fake urine, otherwise known as synthetic urine, liquid urine, or simply urine owned by another person. Some individuals also utilize urine from animal just to cheat a pee test. On top of that, there are products such as powdered urine pockets which can be purchased online, and may be mixed easily with water. 

It is quite challenging to make sure that the urine stays at body temperature. Determined individuals, however, can utilize certain devices to ensure that the urine stays warm. For example, they can keep the urine specimen warm by putting them in their groin or armpit area. 

Diluting Samples of Urine

This process may be completed by consuming a huge amount of water prior to a drug test. If the opportunity is available, you can simply add water in the sample of urine. Once urine is diluted, the drug levels visible can be diminished. This will further increase your chances of achieving a negative result in your drug test. 

A lot of drug test cheats use this hack in order to fool a drug test. However, note that a lot of laboratories use certain methods to detect some diluted samples. This will help in detecting drug samples, which would further need re-testing. 

Delaying Testing

Another way to potentially cheat on a drug test is to simply delay the test until the presence of drugs are completely flushed out from your body. This entire procedure highly depends on the type of drugs which was taken since certain substances may be flushed out quicker than others. 

Note that there are also some factors that need to be considered, including the person’s age, weight, height, health history, and even metabolism. All of these factors will have an impact on the length of time that a substance will leave your system. 

Adding Chemicals to the Urine

Samples of urine with added chemicals are referred to as “adulterated specimen”. Some people try cheating a drug test by submitting a urine sample which has chemicals added to mask the presence of substances in the urine. Among these chemicals include bleach, soap, salt, eye drops and peroxide. 

Some machines used for drug testing are equipped with the capacity to detect urine specimens with these common chemicals. As a result, they are often tagged as invalid. Still, not all forms of adulterants are easily detected. There are chemicals, such as eye drops, Visine, isopropanol, along with other forms of chemicals that may not be detected easily. 

Detox Methods

Some people also try to cheat a piss test using some trick which could detoxify your system from use of drugs. Among the most common ones that are used include foods that contain a lot of fiber, herbs, burdock, red clover, and drinking beverages or teas which can serve as diuretics, allowing toxins to be flushed out from your system.

There are some commercial products that you can use to detoxify your body from drugs. This includes the following:

  • Detox Beverages

Detox beverages work a similar way with water, with the purpose of diminishing your urine so that metabolites will list below the 50ng/mL line. While they do not remove substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol from your urine or blood, but they can mask the result by adding proteins and vitamins artificially, such as creatinine to the sample. This is basically like adding sugar in your coffee. 

After drinking these commercial detox beverages available, you will mostly need to repeatedly urinate within a few hours. This is good, as it will help in flushing out the substances in the system, preparing you for the drug test. 

  • Home Solutions

Do you know that there are some remedies you can find at home? Lemon juice, for example, is classified as an acceptable detox drink. Many experts recommend lemon juice for removing toxins and substances from your body. Limes and lemons are filled with antioxidants and are amazing source of soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Cleansing diets have become popular through the years. Amber colored vinegar or apple cider vinegar from apple or cider can serve as a good ingredient to add to your detox diet. Eliminating elimination, weight loss, and control of blood sugar are among the benefits of this detox.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains antibacterial properties which makes it an ideal alternative to some commercial cleaning agents, making it a very common choice. An all-purpose detox solution can be created by combining 1 cup of water, together with half a cup of your apple cider vinegar. This may be used prior to taking a drug test, particularly a hair test. Apply your water and apple cider vinegar combination to your hair, allowing it to rest for a few minutes. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to begin with a weaker dilution because the vinegar can be quite acidic. 

  • Mouthwash

Using a mouthwash can be good to trick a swab test. This type of drug test has become pretty common recently. Thanks to technological advancements, swab tests may now be able to produce quick results with less invasive efforts. 

Unlike usual normal urine tests, oral swab tests detect certain compounds in the system. It is quite easy to cheat a saliva test for cannabis, unless you are unexpectedly offered a random test. A mouthwash can help a lot if you need to have a test at the last minute. One good product commercially available is the Toxin Rid Detox mouthwash, taking a third of it, and swishing it inside for about three minutes, spitting it afterwards. 

Lemons are also filled with Vitamin C, which carries the potential to diminish THC metabolites from your body in smaller amounts. Just a note, however, that the acidic property of lemon juice might have a reaction to your digestive system. As such, make sure to be balanced in your intake. 

  • Cranberry Juice

For a good detox against THC, cranberry juice is often recommended. It is important to make sure that you don’t have allergies to cranberry, otherwise, it may result to other problems. Consuming a good amount of cranberry juice should be done at least 24 hours before a scheduled drug test. Since cranberry juice acts as a natural diuretic, you may end up urinating often. As such, make sure to have enough time to be comfortable while flushing substances out of your body. Some add Vitamin B supplement pills to their juice intake. This helps in adding some color to their urine, making the sample look normal, reducing skepticism and doubt from the people at the laboratory. 


There are different types of drug testing procedures, and different ways on how to cheat a drug test. Regardless of your reason, cheating a drug test can be considered as an accomplishment. Still, passing a drug test in the most honest and dependable way will pave your way to better opportunities, and a safer future. 

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Bikas Gurung

Bikas Gurung is a human rights activist representing International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and United Nations Strategic Advisory Group on drug use. He received his Master’s degree in Public Health from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and has been recognized for his work by winning "The Best Film Award" at the 2013 Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.