The deadline to apply for Internship has already passed. Please contact ANPUD secretariat for any query.

Please direct your queries to:

Bikas Gurung at 


CALL FOR INTERNS –  for the “#WeAreHERE  Regional Advocacy Campaign” ANPUD regional office in Bangkok, Thailand. 


  • ONLY WOMEN who are based in one of the countries in South and Southeast Asian regions are eligible to apply for this internship. In addition, Applicant should be able to read, speak and write in English Language.
  • ANPUD, especially encourages all interested women who use drugs (WUD) members to apply and ensures that high preference will be given to WUD members who have been involved at different organizations/networks of people who use drugs at national/regional/global level.
  • Before applying, we suggest everyone going through a short self-assessment checklist in the Table section under the Heading – “WHO SHOULD CONSIDER APPLYING?”
  • Interested applicants should apply by submitting your RESUME via email to BIKAS: .
    1. Resume tailored to this announcement (no more than 2 pages)
  • The submission deadline is at 11:59 PM Bangkok Time on 16 November 2019 on Saturday.


ANPUD is the Asian regional-level community-led network (organization) that aims to improve the quality of life of people who use drugs through the enjoyment of equal human rights and opportunities. The formation of ANPUD is underpinned by the principle of “Meaningful Involvement of People who Use Drugs” at all the levels or processes of decision-making – the decisions that most impact communities at the grassroot level in all countries.

Ever since ANPUD was founded in 2008, by the consensus among its members as the only Asian regional network led by us and for us, we have been focused at promoting and advocating for community empowerment, human rights and people-centered evidence & rights-based drug laws and policies.

»» We dedicate ourselves to the well-being of drug using communities, to the principles of community-led harm reduction and more importantly to the foreseeable future, in which, no person – irrespective of his/her drug use or any other behavioral or personality traits – shall be deprived of basic rights including but not limiting to the Right to Life, to Health, to Education, to Participation, to Justice, to Opportunity, to Safe & Secure Social as well as Private Life, and other elements that constitute a quality of life. We believe that people do not lose their human rights simply because they use or sell drugs.



The overall objective of this call for interns is to pilot the Internship program as one of the key approaches for building/strengthening capacity of selected interns as well as ANPUD through tailored mentoring and exchanging of knowledge, expertise and technical skills.

ANPUD Internship program 2019 will provide scholarship to 2 successful applicants. The interns will have the space and opportunity to demonstrate their competence, enhance  their knowledge, skill & experience base, expand horizon for networking, learning and manage implementation of a balanced mix of both programmatic (networking, creativity & technical preparedness for effective advocacy campaign) as well as Financial & Administrative activities.

For this 2019 –  Call for Interns, we are accepting applications from WOMEN ONLY. We look forward to receiving submissions from all interested women who presently reside in one of the countries in South and Southeast Asian regions. Meanwhile, ANPUD especially encourages all the interested Women who Use Drugs (WUD) members to submit their ‘Resume and a Statement of Purpose & Area of Interest’ before the application submission deadline  on 11 November 2019.

ANPUD is also committed to ensure that the ‘#WeAreHERE advocacy campaign’ is led by and for WUD members. In fact, INTERNS (successful applicants) who will be awarded scholarship to travel to Bangkok in order to take part in the ANPUD Internship program 2019 will be responsible for planning, developing materials, coordinating with ANPUD’s country partners. The interns will be launching “#WeAreHERE Regional Advocacy Campaign”. Therefore, highest level of preference will be given to women who use drugs.


“#WeAreHERE” is a growing movement of women who use drugs in the Asian region. As simple as it may seem or sound, it signifies an attack on the status quo, it is the strong emotions being expressed, it is a true story being told and it is the reality being uncovered by a growing number of women member of the drug using communities in the region. It was a realization of invisibility of their issues, voices and their representation at all the levels where decisions affecting their lives the most had been taken. Therefore, in 2018, #WeAreHERE was unanimously agreed as the name of their movement and advocacy campaign by all the WUD members who were present at first Asian regional consultation workshop of women who use drugs that was organized by ANPDU in Bangkok.

“We, women who use drugs in that room made a decision to never let ourselves be vulnerable and be treated as invisibles. #WeAreHere is our movement and a call to our friends who use drugs to join us. It is an outcry to make ourselves visible and heeded.”[one of the participants of the first regional consultation of WUD in 2018]

As WUD members had concluded their priorities during their first consultation, all the priorities informed the development of 5 strategic goals and several key actions among each goal. It was also agreed during the consultation that one of the primary roles of ANPUD as a regional network of PUD was to ensure gender-based equality  and transformation are embedded across all guiding documents of ANPUD and that women are leading and advocating for their own issues by themselves.

It is with immense pleasure that we are able to share about the ongoing constitution amendment process which began early in 2019. Similarly, this internship program is one of many efforts made by ANPUD following the first WUD consultation. Since, every year 25th of November is observed as the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’ and on the same day, 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, an international campaign also commences until ‘the International Human Rights Day’ observed on 10th December 2019, this would be one of the perfect windows for the #WeAreHERE campaign to be launched as an annual event of women who use drugs in the Asian region.




[Total length of program & Level of Effort (LOE)]

Plan A: 6 weeks & 40 hours per week

Plan B: 12 weeks & 20 hours per week

NOTE: Plan B is an option available only for applicant who are either a Thai national OR a Bangkok-based expat with a valid and legal documents as required by the Thai Immigration Law. The appiicant may still choose Plan A.

ANPUD will not cover for flights and accommodation expenses of a Bangkok-based applicant. However, upon request of the intern by explaining a genuine reason, ANPUD secretariat will make an informed decision on the matter.

STARTING DATE: By 20 November 2019

LOCATION: ANPUD Regional Office

10/96 Trendy Building, Soi 13, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoei – 10110

Bangkok, Thailand

  1. We (ANPUD) will pay for a low-fare return flight and a low-cost shared room for 6 weeks at a hotel or a hostel near from ANPUD office.
  2. Each intern will be able to receive up to $1000 for the overall internship program. We will provide minimum US $500 as stipend to the interns. However, the remaining US $500 will be provided upon successful completion and performance assessment  of each intern.
  3. We will purchase travel insurance plan for the intern who will be travelling to Thailand from their home countryin order to cover for your health and/or any other accidental costs (as listed in the purchased insurance policy) for the entire period of this program.
  4. We will provide flexible hours of access to office computer on working days (Monday-Friday). However, we recommend bringing your own laptop OR iPad (post-2017 models preferred if iPad).
  5. We will provide all the software’s/apps and install them on your laptop if they are needed in the process of designing/developing of campaign materials.
  6. Interns should pay for local transportation, personal communications (top-up, mobile data, phone calls, etc.) and food during their stay in Bangkok. Any other expenses such as laundry, dry cleaning, personal shopping, sight-seeing (tour), etc. will also be the sole responsibility of the interns.
  7. Interns will have to pay by themselves, the charges due to modification of the return ticket booking, for additional cost of visa or re-entry permit, for overweight baggage charges etc. In any case, please read your travel insurance policy carefully. (electronic copy of the insurance policy will be emailed)
  8. This internship does not require any kind of domestic or international travel once the internship commences at the regional office of ANPUD in Bangkok, Thailand.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the guidance and supervision of ANPUD Secretariat (will be assigned soon), the interns’ duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in drafting and producing campaign materials such as guiding notes, advocacy messages, memes, posters, etc.
  • Assistance in editing and creating design layouts for briefs, short videos, social media contents, etc.
  • Coordination with ANPUD’s country partners, particularly with WUD members in order to organize country-level activity.
  • Attend the regional meetings that take place in Bangkok (to be accompanied by ANPUD staff).
  • Write a blog about your experience and submit it to the ANPUD secretariat (will be assigned).
  • Actively participate with an open-mind throughout the internship program period by contributing yours as well as respecting others ideas/concepts/view-points, etc.
  • Other activities upon request of each intern (will depend on the performance of each intern)

KEY COMPETENCIES: 1.     Communication: Speaks, reads and writes clearly & effectively in English; Able to listen and correctly interpret messages or respond appropriately; Asks questions where unclear, exhibits interest in subject matter and openness in sharing information to keep people informed.

2.     Communities at heart: Passionate about serving communities by seeking to see things from the point of view of those we serve. Establishes good rapport and partnership with communities and stakeholders by gaining their trust and respect. Keeps everyone informed and values need-based and right-based approaches.

3.     Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others. Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision despite having some disagreements; accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

4.     Creativity: Actively seeks to improve the quality of own work. Problem solving and takes calculated risks on new/innovative ideas; Is not bound by current thinking or traditional approaches; Believes in radical changes through grassroots movement. Able to let go any past ideas, failures, regrets and able to offer second chance.

5.     Technological awareness: Keeps abreast of available technology. Able to efficiently use Information Technology (IT) devices, particularly Computer (PC/Mac) and has previous experience of using key application software’s (or equivalent alternative software’s) such as Microsoft Office (word/excel/power point) and Adobe programs (Photoshop/Premiere Pro/In-design); Actively seeks to apply technology to appropriate tasks or its alternative uses. Shows willingness to learn new technology, especially Photo and video editing when it comes to learning/using computer software’s.

6.     Others (Desirable): Has at least 1 year’s of experience working with community-based; not-for-profit; non-governmental organizations (NGO). Is based in and fluently speaks (in addition to English) the local language of one or more of the countries namely Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; & ability to organize activities in a short notice with participation of the women drug using communities in one of these countries

WHO SHOULD CONSIDER APPLYING? Below are some statements that may be true or irrelevant to be used for describing your current situation. Please do a quick self-assessment and see how many of them truly describe your situation. The more they are true, the better the chances of your selection. However, please understand that even 100% true case would not mean guaranteed selection in any way. This is simply a self-assessment checklist to help you decide with confidence.

You should consider applying:

  • If you are a woman who lives in one of the countries in South and Southeast Asian regions. [MUST BE TRUE in order to become eligible]
  • If you are one of the WUD members who has at least openly identified yourself and have been involved with ANPUD and/or your national network;
  • If you are a student of either one or more: Public Health, Social work, MIT, Law, political science, environment etc.
  • If you are currently employed by a community-led organization for over a year and your job description includes the responsibilities defined for this internship program. However, your employer has to provide you paid leave and refer you for the internship so that you may return for the growth of the organization. (In this case, we may ask for a letter of no objection and leave from the employer organization).
  • if you know that you have some or most of the key competencies;
  • if you have working experience, especially related to performing similar responsibilities;
  • if you have some experiences of using graphic design and video editing softwares like Adobe, Coreldraw, Affinity and others. (but not necessarily professionally involved)
  • if you are ambitious for your career and have been thinking that you simply need a chance/opportunity to demonstrate your capacity;
  • if you have been rejected for regional-level job opportunities particularly due to not having experience of working at regional organization with a diverse workforce.

If you are able to either support yourself financially or mobilize fund or get sponsorship confirmation in order to cover your personal expenses while living in Bangkok, as regardless of scholarship award and travel insurance provided by ANPUD, we cannot deny the fact that there are going to be personal expenses on local transportation, communication and daily diet, and not to mention the inevitable unexpected expenses. Personal expenses can at best be at its minimal range but at worst be much higher than the stipend provided by ANPUD.

APPLICATION: Interested applicants MUST apply via email by sending the following 2 documents to this email ID:

In order to ensure that your application email is easily recognized by Bikas Please keep your email’s SUBJECT line:

“Application for Internship – Your Full Name/Country Name”



Things to consider: 

  • 2 pages maximum
  • Send us your Resume ANNEX 1- Resume Template
  • Please do not send us your Full CV.
  • Make sure that your Resume is tailored to this announcement.

  1. Please submit your application before 11:59 PM (Midnight) on 16 November 2019, Saturday.
  2. ANPUD secretariat will review all the applications. Only the 2 selected applicants will be notified.


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