Symposium Panorama – HCV and PWID in Asia:

Strategies for Treatment Scale-up

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HCV prevalence in Asia and the Pacific varies between countries. HCV infection is due to unsterile medical injections (2 , 3) contaminated blood transfusions, (4) traditional cultural practices60 and, more recently, injecting drug use. (5) While iatrogenic transmission still occurs in some countries, transmission as the result of injecting drug use is increasing. (6)

Population HCV prevalence ranges from 1.4% in Australia to 5.6% in northwestern Thailand. HCV is very common among people who inject drugs in Asia and almost universal among those who are living with HIV. (7) HCV/HIV co-infection is a major issue in Asia as it is estimated there are between 735,000 and 1.4 million people who inject drugs and are living with HIV in the region and most are co-infected.