When an educated criminal comes to power

Open letter to President Duterte from The Coalition of Drug Users in Nepal (CDUN)

Submitted to the Office of the President – Republic of the Philippines on July 8, 2017 (via Email)

Dear President Duterte,

The idea that drug users  must be punished for using drugs as an act of wrongdoing, relies upon a belief in free will and a person’s ability to be responsible for their own actions.

If you do not believe in free will, such as you being bound by your country oath, as President of a Nation, the question of whether it is moral for you to carry out any kind of punishment  arises.

People who are dependent upon drug use, required to normalize,  never act freely and should be viewed as a health issue, and to kill them them is sheer stupidity and moral depravity on your part.

“Deterrence” is a morally flawed concept, even if capital punishment did hypothetically act as a deterrent, is it acceptable for someone to pay for the predicted future crimes of others ? propagating terror ?? You may as well punish innocent people; it will have the same effect like a terrorist tries to have.  This is a false idea – if people are randomly picked up off the street and punished as scapegoats the only consequence is likely to be that the public will be frightened to go out.

People do not fear death. How can they be threatened with death?
If people are made to constantly fear death, Then those who act unlawfully
I can capture and kill them, Who would dare? But People do not fear death.
There exists a master executioner that kills.

– Tao Te Ching Chapter 74

If we substitute for the master executioner to kill
It is like substituting for the great carpenter to cut
Those who substitute for the great carpenter to cut
It is rare that they do not hurt their own hands

– Tao Te Ching Chapter 74

To make your scapegoat scheme effective the appearance of a legitimate legal process to present evidence which forces the idea to the public that has no idea about the nature of Drug Use, to believe that the person being punished deserved their punishment. I’m sure your Govt. derives plenty of revenue from Nicotine and Alcohol so it is clear you are a hypocrite.

While your administration  have operated their legal systems on the basis of fictional evidence and confessions extracted by torture, the ethical objections to such a system are sufficient to render your justice pointless, and as president you have destroyed your own people .

The people’s hunger
Is due to the excess of their ruler’s taxation
So they starve
The people’s difficulty in being governed
Is due to the meddling of their ruler
So they are difficult to govern
The people’s disregard for death
Is due to the glut in their ruler’s pursuit of life
So they disregard death

Therefore, an inflexible army will not win
A strong tree will be cut down

– Tao Te Ching Chapter 75

You are trying to treat the  symptom of  the “socioeconomic crisis” with capital  punishment instead of treating the illness in the society you govern, in particular, lack of educational social and employment opportunities for youth. This is a system you helped create .

You can never replace a loved one or completely heal the damage, or help families reconstruct their lives and memories. There are more constructive alternatives to problem Drug Use. Human life is precious, yet your society does not hesitate to cast it aside into a system that is mediocre at best, without remorse.

As a nation, you are responsible for maintaining justice. Throwing lives away in a practice that is flawed because your government and politicians are too cowardly  to seek other alternatives is not just. Justice for victims, their families, and the innocent will not be obtained until capital punishment is eliminated.

Capital punishment against people who use drugs does not deter drug use, cannot ensure the safety of the innocent, and is a morally deficient system under the leadership of an “Educated Criminal” such as yourself, which is what makes you so dangerous.

You wear the badge of the state but are just a mere murderer and violent offender yourself, who deserves to be punished for your crimes against humanity, and victims and their families deserve justice.