Protest Against process of National Guideline of Hepatitis Treatment in Nepal

On April 20, 2016, Recovering Nepal submitted a letter expressing their concerns and demands pertaining to the ‘Hepatitis Treatment Guideline for Nepal’. Below is the translation (might have some errors but the essence is captured) of the letter that was addressed to the Health Minister of Nepal. It reads:

Honorable Mr. Health Minister,
Ministry of Health, Ramshah Path,

Date: 8 Baisakh, 2073 (20 April, 2016)

Subject: Advocacy against dissemination program of Hepatitis Treatment Guidelines and request to conduct review through stakeholders.

Dear Sir/Madam,
In reference to the subject, we express our deep concern towards the dissemination of national guidelines on Hepatitis Treatment developed by the Central Laboratory Teku, under Health Ministry without any prior discourse with stakeholders and experts working in the same sector for many years.

We express our grave concern on such uninformed guideline that has not considered discussing the issue and experiences from some ongoing Hepatitis Treatment, despite the fact that Hepatitis is one of the biggest issues among people who use drug in Nepal. We place our following demands in order to make the guidelines unequivocally successful.

  1. The task of developing guidelines related to the health and treatment of Public should be handed over to the authorized unit or department.
  2. Experience is a good doctor in itself, therefore stakeholders should be involved throughout the process of development of guideline.
  3. The right to information and right to participation as promulgated by the new constitution of Nepal should be ensured.

Honorable Mr. Minister, we urge a wide discussion on the draft guideline among all the stakeholders and would like to inform you that incase of dissemination of the guideline developed without any involvement of people who use drug and direct stakeholders, it will be unacceptable and an issue of nation wide advocacy.

Recovering Nepal – National network of people who use drug

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