Guidelines for the Management of Methamphetamine Use Disorders in Myanmar

Department of Medical Services Ministry of Health and Sports
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar October 2017

Guidelines for the Management of Methamphetamine Use Disorders in Myanmar

The Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Health and Sports requested the World Health Organization Myanmar Country O ce to assist in the development of a guideline for the management of disorders due to the use of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS), with a speci c focus on methamphetamine dependence and treatment. Methamphetamine is the primary ATS used in Myanmar and there is growing evidence that use of this illicit substance is on the rise. ese guidelines are a synthesis of available literature and informed from various international guides, monographs, manuals and various publications. A number of topics were suggested to be explored and incorporated into this guideline with an acknowldgement that a broad ranging understanding of ATS, primarily methampethamine, the adverse physical and psychological e ects, and suggested treatment options was not widely understood within Myanmar. ese ‘Guidelines for the Management of Methamphetamine Use Disorders in Myanmar’ will be useful for various professional practitioners such as doctors, nurses, drug treatment workers and all those working with various national agencies and the non-governmental organizations that service the needs of people who use drugs. This Guide conveys practical information as well as covering some theoretical advances to improve insights about the growing concern of methamphetamine use in Myanmar.