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Eligibility-Who can apply for the membership in ANPUD?

According to the ANPUD Constitution and Guiding Document 2010 (Amendment 2015), “Any individual who has a history of drug use or organization/network of people who use drugs can become a member of ANPUD.”

To elaborate this statement further, application is eligible only if it’s submitted by:

  1. Individual who has a history of drug use – refers to individuals who have used or are currently using illicit or controlled substances.
  2. Organization/network of people who use drugs – refers to community-led nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to protect human rights and enhance the quality of life of people who use drugs. This can include but are not limited to service delivery organizations, networks, and groups undertaking advocacy and whistleblower roles.

Please note that submission of the application does not necessarily mean acceptance of the application. ANPUD will go through a verification process through members and partners from your country. The membership is a closed group and the verification process is only to ensure the anonymity and safety of all members of ANPUD.

How do I apply for membership in ANPUD?

Applying for the membership in ANPUD is an easy process. If you are eligible to apply, you must submit a completed individual or organizational Membership Application Form (MAF). There are several ways to gain access to the MAF.

  1. The easiest way is to visit the ANPUD website and download the MAF.
  2. You can also visit the ANPUD Facebook Page and click on the Sign Up button that will direct you to the web URL mentioned above.
  3. You can also email the ANPUD secretariat or the Executive Board member [who represents your country] requesting the MAF. Click to view the contact details of the secretariat and the Board.

Is there a subscription fee to become a member of ANPUD?

No, membership in ANPUD is free.

I have been abstinent from drugs. Can I still become a member of ANPUD?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for individual membership. Please see FAQs 1 and 2 to have better understanding about membership and application process.

We are a loose group and do not have a legal identity. Can we apply for organizational membership?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for organizational membership. Please see FAQs 1 and 2 to have better understanding about membership and application process.

I am not a member of the national network in my country? Can I become member of ANPUD?

Yes, you can become a member of ANPUD. ANPUD is a membership-based network that is open for both individuals and organizations – keeping in mind the verification process that every application will have to undergo.

However, we encourage our members to actively engage with their national network and contribute to ongoing advocacy efforts. Members should also get involved in their national agendas to strengthen the national network and their accountability mechanism.

Who are the Executive Board members of ANPUD? How can I become a member of the Executive Board of ANPUD?

The Executive Board (EB) composed of 9 members (from South, South East and East Asian Countries) is the governing body of ANPUD. They provide strategic direction and support to the secretariat at the Bangkok office to execute the strategic plan.

For more information please see:

Current Executive Board members and contact details

ANPUD Constitution and Guiding Document 2010 (Amendment 2015)

Code of conduct for Executive Board members

There are two ways to become a member of the Executive Board of ANPUD.

  1. Nominated by the country network – Country representatives are nominated by the respective national network. At the end of every two-year EB term, the ANPUD Secretariat will inform national networks to select their representative to the ANPUD EB through a fair and open process. The country nomination is an autonomous process in which each country may follow their own set of eligibility criteria and guidelines for selection. You may contact the national network in your country OR your country’s representative to ANPUD EB for more information.
  2. Self-nomination to the ANPUD EB – For each new EB term, a call for applications through self-nomination will be announced on the ANPUD Elist. The number of self-nominations depends on the vacant seats to be filled after country representatives are confirmed. At least one self-nomination seat is reserved for a women’s representative.

How does ANPUD communicate and connect with its members?

The most effective means to connect with the members has been the ANPUD Google group (commonly known as e-list or e-group). Currently there are 320 members from nine countries in South and Southeast Asia. ANPUD sends out monthly secretariat updates, and a monthly Flash news bulletin and other information pertaining to the lives of people who use drugs. The e-group is an interactive platform where interested members have their say on specific issues, including ensuring accountability from the secretariat and Executive Board.

Country Representatives to the ANPUD EB is another way to connect with the members. Representatives are also responsible for bringing country level issues that need attention at regional and international platforms. In addition, ANPUD also connects with members through the national networks and through implementation of different projects in your country. Click to learn more about projects.

You can also visit our website, like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter (@WE_ARE_ANPUD) to stay connected with us.

How do I join the ANPUD e-group?

Your email ID will be added to the ANPUD e-group once you become the member of ANPUD. The guideline to participate in the e-group is included as Annex II in the Membership Application Form (MAF). Submission of the MAF is also the acceptance to the terms of conditions of ANPUD e-group guidelines that all members are bound to follow.

Please read FAQs 1 and 2 for a better understanding about membership and the application process.