History of ANPUD

  1. Following the establishment of the International Network, INPUD in 2006, an Asian network called INPUD Asia was conceived. At the second meeting of INPUD at the Harm Reduction Conference in Warsaw in 2007, Fredy Edi (Indonesia) and Anan Pun (Nepal) were selected as Board Members of INPUD. INPUD was registered in Belgium and Anan Pun was elected the Chair.


  1. At the International Conference AIDS of Asia Pacific (8th ICAAP) in Colombo in August 2007, INPUD Asia was launched at a dinner in the Grand Oriental Hotel Restaurant. Approximately 20 members including Anan Pun, Prem Limbu and Fredy Edi attended along with Asian PUD from Indonesia, Nepal, India, and Malaysia.

  2. At the ICAAP meeting, it was decided that INPUD Asia needs a mailing list (the moderators would be Anan and Fredy) and an INPUD Asia Meeting should be held. There was no funding for this.

  3. Promoting INPUD in Asia was accomplished through emails to Asian PUD, establishing a mailing list and encouraging PUD in Asia to join. At this time, there were approximately 35 members.

  4. INPUD Asia was invited to the Regional Civil Society Consultations (“Beyond 2008”) held in Macau (Fredy) and Dhaka (Anan) to review UNGASS on Drugs. At the Mexico AIDS Conference, Prem met Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN and apprised him of the situation of drug users in Asia. INPUD Asia also was invited onto the consultation committee of Response Beyond Borders (RBB), the First Asian Consultation on the Prevention of HIV related to Drug Use, Goa, India Jan 2008.

  5. In the lead up to the RBB in Goa, a few members developed the Goa Declaration. It was based on the International Vancouver Declaration and spelled out the aims and principles of the Asian network which, like INPUD, was to promote equality, human rights, access, etc.


  1. In January 2008, Response Beyond Borders - the “First Asian Consultation on the Prevention of HIV Related to Drug Use” in Goa, India promoted and provided a platform for Asian drug users/activists to come together and hold a regional consultation. The Goa Declaration was officially read out by Prem Limbu, Fredy Edi and Tamara Speed during a special plenary session.

  2. In Goa, INPUD Asia conducted joint workshops with AIVL and VIVAIDS and it was decided to invite AIVL and VIVAIDS and other Australian groups into the network. INPUD Asia Pacific was born. Following this, members of INPUD AP met at various forums.

  3. RBB South East Asia Regional Workshop, Cambodia October 2008 (Notes from the meeting were sent to the ANPUD e-list)


  1. RBB South Asia Regional Workshop, Nepal, February 2009 ((Notes from the meeting were sent to the ANPUD e-list by Prem)

  2. UN Sponsored DU consultation in Bangkok, March 2009. At this meeting attended by 24 DUs from 8 countries, it was decided to change the name to ANPUD. (Notes were circulated on the e-list).

  3. The DU Forum at ICAAP in Bali August 2009. ANPUD also had an exhibition booth. Facilitated by members, presentations and press releases were developed leading to increased visibility and the beginnings of a public face of ANPUD

  4. Between 2008–2009 ANPUD, now an informal network, began to expand and engage membership. It was decided to develop the constitution and governance structures to formalise and register. To increase transparency, decisions on representatives to various events were made through elist voting.

  5. A small group began drafting the constitution, the founding documents to register ANPUD as a non profit entity. This process reached a conclusion in mid 2009 and a meeting to agree upon the final constitution and elect a Steering Committee was planned.

  6. In October 2009, 23 drug users met in Bangkok to finalize the Constitution and governance structures. At the meeting, the Constitution was adopted with small changes and a six member Interim Steering Committee was formed. Funding support came from AIVL and WHO WPRO. The meeting report was circulated to membership on the e-list.

  7. The agreements made included registering ANPUD as a legal entity by December 2009, developing a strategic plan and identifying specific activities for ANPUD to implement. The decision to register was deferred till the Strategic Planning meeting was held in January 2010.


  1. The Strategic Planning Meeting was held on 19-20 January in Bangkok. The meeting participants agreed upon several issues for ANPUD to move forward.

  2. ANPUD was registered in Hong Kong

  3. The Regional Coordinator was recruited

  4. ANPUD Secretariat office set up in Bangkok