Guiding Principles


People who use drugs in the Asian region formed ANPUD based on the following principles and beliefs: Unity, support, equality, inclusiveness, a spirit of friendliness, collaboration and the will to change the current situation faced by people who use drugs in the Asian Region.

A driving factor in the formation of ANPUD as a regional network is the lack of representation of and collaboration with people who use drugs in important policy and programming venues at national, regional and international forum.

ANPUD will work to amplify the voices of drug users and other marginalised populations in order to make positive changes to the lives of marginalised people using drugs in the Asian region.

  1. The Goa Declaration

  2. Constitution of ANPUD

  3. Governance Document

  4. Code of conduct

  5. ANPUD Strategic Plan

Meaningful Involvement of People who Use Drugs