1. UNRTF: Participation in Task Force

  2. UNAIDS Stop TB Dept. Geneva: partnered to host a TB/HIV advocacy workshop for PUD and civil society organisations working with PUD in the Asia Pacific region.

  3. WHO: Regional Harm Reduction Strategy 2010-2015 Meeting: Four ANPUD members attended (two regional representatives and two local representatives).

  4. WHO Workshop on Opioid Dependence, HIV/AIDS and TB: a Coordinated Approach, Malaysia. 5 ANPUD members attended.

  5. UNICEF MARA Workshop Thailand: One member attended.

  6. 7 Sisters 2009 AGM - formalising membership of ANPUD representing people who use drugs.

  7. APCASO Strategic Planning Workshop: ANPUD representative attended. APCASO offer for ANPUD to participate in their drug related advocacy work.

  8. UNDP-UNODC Global Village, ICAAP Bali: 2 representatives

  9. UNODC South Asia Regional Strategy Development: 2 ANPUD representatives - one on the project Steering Committee.

  10. ICAAP Bali - WHO UNAIDS TB HIV meeting

  11. RBB Custodial Settings Satellite, ICAAP Bali: 2 Speakers

  12. Global Fund Global Village at IHRA 2009

  13. Global Fund meetings

  14. HAARP Advocacy Strategy Meeting

  15. ANPUD organises Drug User Track for Response Beyond Borders - II, Bangkok 2010

  16. 7 Sisters Strategic Planning Workshop

  1. Letter to and response from Dr Michel Kazatchkine on HCV related issues

  2. Letter to the Ministry of Health, Indonesia

  3. IDU Target Setting Guide (9 Intervention Model)

  4. Harm Reduction Strategy Asia Pacific

  5. ICAAP09 HCV press release

  6. Regional Community Consultation on HIV HCV co-infections

  7. Dying of a Curable Disease - Hepatitis C (HCV) press release

Meaningful Involvement in action