Thailand amends drug law to reduce penalties and ensure more proportionate sentencing

On November 24, 2016, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) approved the adoption of new amendments to Thailand’s Narcotics Act.


#StopDuterteNow is a global campaign that aims to put an end to Duterte’s reign of terror in the Philippines. The campaign follows a series of short video messages that will directly address to Duterte, explaining him how we feel about his war on drugs.

Transition from CCDU to voluntary community-based treatment and services

The aim of this consultation is to build on the results of the previous Regional Consultations and provide input, advice, data, and examples of country practices in the formulation of evidence-based recommendations to support the transition from CCDU to a more comprehensive system underpinned by voluntary community-based treatment options and a range of complimentary health and social services that are aligned with international guidelines and principles regarding drug dependence treatment, drug use and human rights.

The new era: Harm Reduction in the context of HIV

The acceptance, development and expansion of harm reduction programs in countries that have traditionally employed deterrence and punishment as the primary response to the use of drugs is a remarkable achievement and a triumph for public health. What is striking is that in a few countries harm reduction has been driven by law enforcement agencies responsible for the administration of drug control.

Harm Reduction in South, South East and East Asia

This article describes the development of harm reduction in South, South East and East Asia. In this article, Asia refers to twenty six countries stretching from Afghanistan in the west to China in the east. Except for a handful of small scale NGO run programs in a few countries in the 1990’s, harm reduction emerged late in the Asian region as a response to the threat of widespread HIV infection among people who inject drugs (PWID) and from them to their sexual partners and the general community.