“The REAL Problem in Disguise”: Drug Dependence Treatment Models

CND thematic Intersessional September 2018 in preparation for the ministerial segment of the 62nd session of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND) – Intervention from ANPUD on demand reduction and related measures -“The Real Problem in Disguise”. The statement is a mix of lived experiences that are substantiated by scientific study results.

Transition from CCDU to voluntary community-based treatment and services

The aim of this consultation is to build on the results of the previous Regional Consultations and provide input, advice, data, and examples of country practices in the formulation of evidence-based recommendations to support the transition from CCDU to a more comprehensive system underpinned by voluntary community-based treatment options and a range of complimentary health and social services that are aligned with international guidelines and principles regarding drug dependence treatment, drug use and human rights.

ANPUD Position Paper on Compulsory Detention of People who Use Drugs

ANPUD calls on all states in the Asia region to end their use of compulsory drug detention centres and to support the implementation of a variety of quality drug treatment options for PUD. There is an urgent need for the scaling up of human rights-based, evidence-informed and voluntary drug treatment including opioid substitution treatment, detoxification and rehabilitation services.

Information Brief for Southeast Asia

Community Based Treatment refers to a specific integrated model of treatment for people affected by drug use and dependence in the community.