Regional Training of Trainers on Organisational Development and Advocacy

This report outlines the key proceedings of the Training of Trainers (ToT) organised by ANPUD on organisational Development and Advocacy. The training was held from 22 to 25 August 2017 at Hotel Column, Bangkok, Thailand and was attended by 28 participants from Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The objective of the training of trainers was to build the capacity of trainers to design and deliver an organizational development and advocacy training programme for people who use drugs. The training aimed to understand the challenges, identify the opportunities and learn from the experiences of each other towards building a strong community based network of people who use drugs and to enhance and broaden the advocacy skills of member networks to conduct targeted advocacy.

The specific objectives of the ToT were to enable participants to:

  1. Better understand the different types of organizations and networks and their functions
  2. Increase and enhance the knowledge and skills of participants as trainers
  3. Acquire accurate information about the basics of organizational governance, fundraising, andleadership
  4. Develop interpersonal and group communication and advocacy skills
  5. Acquire the skills to facilitate successful advocacy campaigns

The training used a participatory model encouraging participants to dig through their own experience to learn the facets of capacity and advocacy skills. The first two days of the training mainly focused on the organizational development issues. ANPUD’s organizational development manual was used primarily to inform the first 2 day’s agenda. The final 2 days were dedicated to developing advocacy skills. The agenda included identifying different advocacy issues from each country as well as finding common or crosscutting advocacy themes.

The Training was conducted using the services of Asia Catalyst that supports civil society development and empowerment through a tailored capacity building, research, and advocacy on issues of most concern to marginalized communities in Asia. ANPUD along with trainers from Asia Catalyst and an invited expert conducted the training.

The members of the training team were Mr. Rajiv Kafle, Program Manager, Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia, ANPUD, Mr. Bikas Gurung Communication and Program Officer, ANPUD, Mr. Gareth Durrant, Director of Partnerships and Programs, Asia Catalyst, Ms. Jebli Shrestha, Regional Documentation and Advocacy Manager, Asia Catalyst and Ms. Alexandra Johns, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA).