Policy Briefs on Hepatitis C in Thailand

Policy Briefs on Hepatitis C in Thailand

The five policy briefs were developed by the Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group (TTAG). The briefs are available in Thai language only.

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“Situation of and barriers to accessing existing Hepatitis C services”

By TTAG, 2016

This document provides an understanding of the Hepatitis C situation in Thailand, including health policy on existing diagnosis and treatment services. It reflects the barriers to accessing such services for people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV). It highlights the role of the government to reduce these barriers in order for the policy to be effective.

“Who Can Benefit From Hepatitis C Screening?””

By TTAG and Mr. Viraphan Ngammei, 2017

The purpose of this document is to educate and increase awareness in the society on hepatitis C virus (HCV). More specifically, it focuses on the issue of hepatitis C transmission and the risks in the past. It underscores the need to access HCV screening services.

“Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA): The solution for effective HCV treatment”

By TTAG and Mr. Viraphan Ngammei, 2017

This document promotes the advantages of DAA compared to the existing medicines. It also discusses the barriers to accessing DAA in Thailand.

“Where is Thailand? On the global target to eliminate Hepatitis C”

By TTAG and Mr. Viraphan Ngammei, 2017

This document discusses Thailand’s status in regard to the agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 Target 3.3 to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Thailand has been progressively taking actions through a coordinated approach between government agencies and civil society organizations. Campaigns to raise awareness among the general population about the risk of HCV infection and transmission, capacity assessment and training for hospital health workers are some strategic actions that could lead to successful prevention. More importantly, access to DAAs , is a major issue, should be ensured and the Thai society need to coordinate with each other.

“Gap of health policy on hepatitis C in Thailand 2017”

By TTAG, 2017

This report is intended to illustrate the gap in health policy on the issue of hepatitis C in Thailand. The purpose is to allow all stakeholders, government , NHSO and NGOs/CSO to use it as a base information to plan the future work. The contents of the report discuss the issue of the government’s Hepatitis C Policy, its suggestions and comments based on official government publications papers.